From:           Thomas Roos <>
Date:           Fri, 31 May 1996 10:21:39 +0200 (MET DST)
Subject:        ACM-GIS 96

         **********     CALL   FOR   PAPERS     **********
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         -         4th ACM INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP        -
         =                 ON ADVANCES IN                =
         -         GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS        -

                      Rockville, Maryland, USA
                         November 15-16, 1996


                          Sponsored by ACM

              in cooperation with CACS-USL, UT1-CERISS

            in conjunction with the Fifth International
         Conference on Information and Knowledge Management


In recent years computer processing of  Earth  observations  through 
geographic  information  systems  has  attracted  a  great  deal  of 
attention from the industrial and research  world.  The  Fourth  ACM 
International Workshop on Advances in Geographic Information Systems 
will provide an  effective  forum  for  disseminating  original  and 
fundamental research and experience in the rapidly advancing area of 
the use of computer science for spatial studies.

Since the workshop  will be  held  in  conjunction  with  the  Fifth 
International Conference on Information  and  Knowledge  Management, 
(CIKM'96),  participants will be able to maximize their  interchange 
of experiences  and  knowledge  among  researchers  and  practioners 
across the entire field of knowledge and information management.

ACM-GIS'96 will bring together leading  researchers  and  developers 
and will strive toward setting future research  directions  in  this 
area.  The primary focus of the workshop  is  on  new  and  original 
research results in the  areas  of  theorical  foundations,  design, 
implementation and applications of GIS as well as experience reports 
from application specialists. The goal is to exchange research ideas 
and results among participants.

Therefore the topics that will be addressed  include,  but  are  not 
limited to:
     - Query processing and optimization
     - Spatio-temporal data models and languages
     - Requirements analysis for GIS applications
     - GIS performance modeling and evaluation
     - Reasoning with GIS information
     - Imprecise spatio-temporal information
     - Semantics of spatio-temporal data
     - Quality aspects of geographic information
     - Design of spatio-temporal data structures
     - Spatial indexing and storage
     - Knowledge discovery
     - GIS meta data
     - User interfaces for GIS
     - Multi-media GIS
     - Digital libraries for GIS
     - Virtual reality in GIS
     - Interoperability among heterogeneous GIS
     - Electronic geographic data interchange standards
     - Parallel/distributed GIS
     - GIS and internetworking
     - Client-server architecture for GIS
     - GIS and cooperative work
     - Multidatabase GIS
     - Distributed spatial objects
     - Time in GIS
     - Active spatio-temporal objects
     - Moving objects in GIS
     - Real-time GIS systems
     - GIS software tools and environments
     - Novel applications in scientific and environmental domains
     - Integration with existing commercial products
     - Reports on experience with real applications

Papers submission:

Authors  are  invited  to  submit  complete  and  original  research 
contributions or experience reports;  submissions should be  written 
in english and should include:
     - Title
     - Author(s) information   (Name, Affiliation, Postal address
                                E-mail address, Phone/Fax numbers)
     - Topic(s)
     - Abstract (up to 200 words)
     - Text (double-spaced and no longer than 5 000 words)
     - References

In case of  multiple  authors,  an indication  of  which  author  is 
responsible for correspondence and preparing the camera ready  paper 
for the proceedings  should  also  be  included.  Submitters  should 
indicate in a cover letter their willingness to attend the  workshop 
and present their paper.

All submitted papers will be refereed by at least five reviewers for 
quality,  correctness,  originality and relevance.  Accepted  papers 
will be  published  in  the  ACM-GIS'96  proceedings.  We  encourage 
submissions from both academic and industrial spheres.

Authors will be interested to know that extended versions of  out-
standing papers from the workshop will be considered for publication
in  "GeoInformatica",   an  international  journal  on  advances  of 
computer science for GIS (by Kluwer Academic Publishers).

Proposals for panels that examine emerging, innovative, or otherwise 
provocative geographic information issues are  encouraged  as  well. 
Panel proposals should include a summary of the topic and the  names 
and affiliations of the panelists who  have  made  a  commitment  to 

Seven copies of the manuscript should be submitted by August 4, 1996 
to  either   Dr. Patrick Bergougnoux   or   Dr. Shashi Shekhar,  the
ACM-GIS'96 Program Co-Chairs:

     European Chair:                            USA Chair:
     ---------------                            ----------
 Dr Patrick Bergougnoux                   Prof. Shashi Shekhar
 c/o Michele Cuesta                       4-192 EE/CS
 The University of Toulouse 1             University of Minnesota
 IRIT-CERISS  laboratory                  200 Union Street S.E.
 Place Anatole France                     Minneapolis
 31042 Toulouse Cedex - FRANCE            MN-55455 USA
 Email :                 Email :
 Phone : (33) 09 70 13 36                 Phone : 612-624-8307
 Fax   : (33) 61 77 06 71                 Fax   : 612-625-0572

---------------------------IMPORTANT DATES--------------------------
      Paper submission deadline   :    August        4,   1996
      Notification of acceptance  :    September    29,   1996
      Camera ready paper due      :    October      27,   1996
      ACM-GIS'95 workshop date    :    November  15-16,   1996

                     ACM-GIS'96  Program Committee

Steering Committee Chair:
Niki Pissinou              Univ. of Southwestern Louisiana, CACS
General Chairs:
Kia Makki                  Univ. of Nevada, Dpt of Computer Science
Niki Pissinou              Univ. of Southwestern Louisiana, CACS

Program Co-Chairs:
Patrick Bergougnoux        Univ. Toulouse 1, CERISS laboratory
Shashi Shekhar             Univ. of Minnesota

Industrial Track Chair:
John Herring               Oracle Corporation

Registration Chairs:
S. Busovaca                California State University
D. Too                     University of Nevada

Local Arrangements Chairs:
O. Frieder                 George Mason University
B. Nassersharif            Nat. Supercomp. Center For Energy & Env.
S. Salehi                  University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Program Committee:
USA Acedemia:
H. Adeli,                  Ohio State University
M.P. Armstrong,            Univ. of Iowa
N.G. Bourbakis,            State Univ. of New York, Binghamton
S. Busovaca,               California State University
B. Campbell,               NASA/GSFC
C. Faloutsos,              Univ. of Maryland, College Park
M. Egenhofer,              University of Maine
O. Frieder,                George Mason University
M. Fayad,                  University of Nevada, Reno
F. Golshani,               Arizona State University
M.F. Goodchild,            Univ. of California
J. Han,                    Simon Fraser Univ., Burnaby, Canada
M. Halem,                  NASA/GSFC
O. Ibarra,                 University of California, Santa Barbara
D.M. Mark,                 State Univ. of New York, Buffalo
B. Nassersharif,           Nat. Supercomp. Center For Energy & Env.
M. Gams,                   Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia
R. Mc Master,              Univ. of Minnesota
E.K. Park (treasurer),     US Naval Academy
N. Pissinou,               Univ. of Southwestern Louisiana,
E. A. Rudensteiner,        Univ. of Michigan
H. Samet,                  Univ. of Maryland
P. Scheuermann,            Northwestern Univ. Evanston
Y. Song,                   Drexel Univ. 
S. Shekhar,                Univ. of Minnesota
G. strong,                 National Science Foundation (NSF)
J.J.P. Tsai,               Univ. of Illinois
N. Tryfona,                University of Maine
S. Urban,                  Arizona State University
A. Vonderohe,              University of Wisconsin
B.W. Wah,                  Univ. of Illinois
X. Wu,                     Monash University, Australia
Y. Yao,                    Lakehead Univ., Canada

Europe/Asia Academia:
P. Bergougnoux,            University of Toulouse 1, France
A. Frank,                  Technical Univ. Vienna, Austria
O. Guenther,               Humboldt Univ. of Berlin, Germany
A. Henrich,                Praktische Informatik, Germany
R. Laurini,                Claude Bernard Univ. of Lyon, France
D. R. Liu                  National University of Taiwan
T. Roos                    ETH Zurich, Switzerland
T. Sellis,                 Nat. Tech. Univ. of Athens, Greece
K.Y. Whang,                Kaist, S. Korea
M.F. Worboys,              Keele Univ., UK
G. Zurfluh,                Univ. of Toulouse 1, France

W.G. Aref,                 Umatsushita Information Technologie Lab.
F. Bancilhon,              O2 Technology
M. Coyle,                  Oracle Coprporation
J. Herring,                Oracle Corporation
T. Sarjakoski,             Finnish Geodetic Inst., Helsinki, Finland