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Subject:        Re: GIS <-> CAD  Useful Applications?
Date:           9 Feb 1996 18:11:03 -0500
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>What can GIS offer to CAD users
>that their own systems can't, and vice versa? Can data typically
>generated from CAD packages (e.g. floor plans, 3D rendering) be
>exploited within GIS?

Rochester, NY, US has been going between GIS & CADD and vice versa
for a number of years (Arc/Info and Microstation).  We use our street
reconstruction CADD as-builts to up-date GIS curb, sidewalk &
driveway layers.  We have developed digital as-built coordinate and
layer standards to allow easy interchange between CADD and GIS
and have developed an aml to do heads-up on-screen GIS editing.

We use GIS in CADD in many ways, including street reconstruction
project location maps, street curb locations for restriping plans in
milling/resurfacing contracts, location of  buildings in CADD drawings
in order to save instrument survey costs (a 10 to 30% cost savings),
production of strip maps for our handicapped accessibility sidewalk
retro-fit program, ad-hoc analysis of turn radii, say for over-sized truck
routes.  All of the above are done in CADD using GIS layers.  Usually
street design projects require instrument surveys, but we are finding
many, many places where survey accuracy is not required and thus
we can use our 50' scale national map accuracy standard (+- 1.25')
GIS layers of great use in our Engineering Bureau.
Sounds like you are on the right track--you need coordinate and layer
standards to allow easy transfer between the two systems.

John Thomas

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