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Heartbreakers vs Dynamite

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Dynamite Goalie Maryam and Kelsey Frankie throw-in
Frankie, Kelsey, Vanessa, and a Dynamite player look for the ball Chandler Maryam, flanked by Kelsey and Chandler
Frankie, Chandler, and Maryam kneeling for a Dynamite injury Vanessa Maryam kicks it
Chandler and Maryam Natalie puts a foot in Vanessa, Chandler, and Sara
Chandler, Vanessa, and Sara Maryam Chandler about to score the Heartbreakers' second goal
Vanessa at halftime Walden at halftime Walden again
Frankie Evangeline Pass it to me!
Walden trails three dynamite players Dynamite player handles the ball Jennifer and Amanda watch the action
Vanessa closes in on an open goal About to score the third goal Dynamite coach/ref with two of his players
Frankie goes out after taking a ball in the face Dynamite throw-in Who do we appreciate?  Dynamite!
Katie runs through the tunnel Chandler with a post-game snack Maryam
Natalie Katie