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Heartbreakers vs Purple Puppies

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Evangeline Chandler tries unsuccessfully to shoot past three puppies Pack near Puppy goal
Pack viewed from above Play passes the Heartbreakers banner Kelsey gets kicked
Chandler vs two puppies Sara Who's the best team in Irvine?  Heartbreakers!
Frankie and Katie Maryam faces off against a puppy Pack near Heartbreaker goal
Natalie throw-in Frankie and Natalie defend against a puppy attack Vanessa leads the pack
Vanessa Kicked past Vanessa Frankie vs two puppies
Kicked past Vanessa again Natalie Natalie again
Rob from behind Kelsey kicks it out of the corner Frizzy puppy, I
Frizzy puppy, II Frizzy puppy, III Young photojournalist
Rob shooting the action Kelsey brings it out of the corner again Kelsey, Sara, Maryam, and Chandler vs three puppies
Natalie kicks it Chandler and Natalie vs two puppies Natalie races a puppy for the ball
Kicked past Natalie Katie defends the Heartbreakers' goal Evangeline, Kelsey, and Sara with three puppies
Puppy defender in profile Another Puppy defender Maryam, Evangeline, and Sara trail two puppies
Puppy defender on the midfield line Sara and a puppy Chandler throw-in
Two puppies Who do we appreciate?  Puppies! Lining up for the postgame handshakes
Frankie in the tunnel Miles on his third birthday Lunchtime!
The girls having lunch together Frankie barefoot Rob with his son
Rob points at the camera Flag raising Boys in the grass
Timothy and Riley Writing on Chandler's arm Brian with decorated arm