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Hot Shots vs Major Pain

In the quarterfinals, the Hot Shots were paired against the team with the best record in the league, Major Pain. The Hot Shots led 2-0 for three innings, but couldn't hold on, eventually going down 5-2 or so to end their season.
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The coin flip Deciding whether to be home or visitors Ashley gets her catcher's gear on
Out at first Kayla puts the tag on Sneak Attack
Jennifer holds her sore knee Brittany gets a hit Ashley about to score
Jessica gets hit in the chest Jessica hurt Breanna forced out at home
Sara on deck Sara batting Breanna
Lindsey Pain hitting Foul bunt
Starry helmet Another bunt attempt Kayla tags another runner
No joy in mudville Jennifer and Ashley watch from the dugout door Jennifer
Major Pain celebrate their win The Hot Shots cheer the returning winners Happy Pain player
Dalia Ice cream for snack