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ICS 54: Introduction to Multitasking Operating Systems

Winter 2005 invocation:

Lectures: SSL 145, Tue, Thurs. 8:00-9:20am (36300);
Discussion: SSL 145, Wed 3-4pm. (36301).
Instructor: Wayne Hayes.
Teaching Assistant: None (Wayne Hayes)
Class E-mail Address: 36300-w05@classes.uci.edu
Class Web Site: http://www.ics.uci.edu/~ics54/05w

Previous invocations of this course: Spring 2003, Spring 2002, Winter 2000.

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This course is an in-depth study of principles and concepts embodied in modern Internet-connected, multiuser, multitasking operating systems (MICMMOS, :-) ), including shells, filters, pipelines, programmability and scripting, extensibility, concurrent processing, and interprocess communication. Several integral tools and utilities are presented. Unix is used to provide concrete examples, focusing on the file system, processes, shells, and various tools including awk, diff, file, find, ftp, grep, make, man, nslookup, sed, sort, tar, traceroute, uniq, vi, which, zip, etc.

The course provides a solid conceptual and experiential basis for subsequent work in the programming, system administration, and effective general use of the Unix operating system. This conceptual basis for subsequent work is more generally applicable to other MICMMOS's and to later courses which study or use them.


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