Special Events and Activities

IRUS sponsors periodic special events based on emerging trends in the field. These typically one-time events enable the IRUS community to stay abreast of current trends, collectively explore relevant issues, and maintain a competitive edge. This sampling of special events addresses a variety of topics.

Java Testing Workshop and Tutorial
This three-day workshop, held at UC Irvine, was co-sponsored by IRUS and SunTest, the Java Testing business unit of Sun Microsystems Laboratories. It was instructed by SunTest and augmented with presentations by IRUS faculty. Attendees received a free license for the tools used in the workshop, including free upgrades for one year.

W3C Symposium and WebDAV Working Group Meeting
The goal of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is to develop common standards for the world wide web. The Internet Engineering Task Force (ITEF) World Wide Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WEBDAV) Working Group is developing interoperability specifications for how to perform remote authoring and versioning of web content. IRUS was pleased to co-sponsor a two-day W3C symposium, enabling IRUS sponsors to participate in this limited-attendance event. IRUS also sponsored a two-day WebDAV working group meeting, held at UC Irvine.

International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE)
IRUS was pleased to have provided support for ICSE, the premier international conference on the topic of software engineering. ICSE is a week long event sponsored by ACM SIGSOFT and IEEE Computer Society TCSE, featuring prestigious keynotes, a technical program, a doctoral symposium, research demonstrations, commercial exhibitions, workshops, and tutorials. IRUS has supported ICSE 16, the ICSE 16 Software Engineering/Human Computer Interaction Workshop, and ICSE 97 (ICSE 19).

Human Computer Interaction (HCI) Consortium
This ten year old consortium, centered at the University of Colorado, Boulder, sponsors an annual basic research meeting. Member organizations, which are drawn from universities and commercial and government research labs, include Apple, Bellcore, NYNEX, SunSoft, Tektronix, US West, Xerox PARC, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Colorado, Georgia Tech, MIT, Virginia Tech, and UC Irvine. IRUS, the UCI Information and Computer Science Department, and the UCI Center for Research on Information Technology and Organizations (CRITO) share the UCI membership.

Software Engineering Tools and Technology (SETT) Tools Fair
This one day IRUS event featured offerings from popular vendors and avant garde solutions from research labs. Attendees experienced leading products and state-of-the-art technologies, received valuable advice from exhibitors, learned about key products and solutions, evaluate software based on hands on tool demonstrations, and gained educational advantages by seeing new technologies in action.

IRUS is also involved with the COCOMO 2.0 project, a joint effort with the University of Southern California's Center for Software Engineering (USC/CSE).

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