About Me

My name is Hadi Khodabandeh (persian: هادی خدابنده, click here for pronunciation), I am a Ph.D. candidate of Computer Science in University of California, Irvine. My area of study is theoretical computer science (TCS) and my focus is on graph theory and computational geometry. I am honoured to be advised by professor David Eppstein.

I am mostly working on geometric spanners right now. My work has led to two papers with my advisor on spanners. You can read more about our results in this blog post and this blog post, both written by my advisor.

You can always find me in the theory office, DBH 4099, or by contacting me via khodabah at uci dot edu.

I love traveling and playing piano, checkout my instagram @hadi_kdb or my sound cloud hadi_kh!

A photo of our lab, from left to right: Martha, Shion, and me, having a serious discussion with Howard, the master mind behind the theory lab.


Here is a list of my publications, for an updated list please visit my DBLP or my Scholar.

  • Online Spanners in Metric Spaces
    with Sujoy Bhore, Arnold Filtser, and Csaba Toth.
  • Optimal Spanners for Unit Ball Graphs in Doubling Metrics
    with David Eppstein.
  • An Accurate Non-accelerometer-based PPG Motion Artifact Removal Technique using CycleGAN
    with Amir Hosein Afandizadeh Zargari, Seyed Amir Hossein Aqajari, Amir M. Rahmani, and Fadi Kurdahi.
  • How to Catch Marathon Cheaters: New Approximation Algorithms for Tracking Paths
    with Michael Goodrich, Siddharth Gupta, and Pedro Matias.
    (WADS 2021)
  • On the Edge Crossings of the Greedy Spanner
    with David Eppstein.
    (SoCG 2021)
  • Non-approximability and Polylogarithmic Approximations of the Single-Sink Unsplittable and Confluent Dynamic Flow Problems
    with Mordecai J. Golin and Bo Qin.
    (ISAAC 2017)


I recieved my bachelors from Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran in the area of Computer Engineering with a focus on Software Engineering. Then I joined the theory group in UCI to pursue my PhD and I am now in my fourth year.


These are mostly from my undergrad, after I started PhD I haven't really had the time and opportunity to gain experience in industry.

Sorted by time,

  • Graduate Research Assistant, University of California, Irvine, Sep 18 - now.
  • Data Analyst Intern, Torob.com, Feb 18 - Jun 18.
  • Technical Director, Sharif AI Challenge, Jun 17 - Dec 17.
  • Research Intern, Max-Plank Institute for Informatics, Jun 17 - Sep 17.
  • Member, Student Scientific Chapter, Jul 16 - Jul 17.
  • Research Intern, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Jul 16 - Sep 16.
  • Developer, Shopgram, Jun 15 - Sep 16.
Please check out my linkedin for more details.


Sorted by time, from newer to older.
  • Graph Convolutional Neural Networks for Few-shot Learning Text Classification, an statistical natural language processing project.
  • Improvements on text-gcn, a well-known graph convoltional neural network for text classification, written in Python.
  • Greedy Spanner Simulator, a visual simulator for the greedy spanner algorithm, written in JavaScript and HTML.
  • Improving memory-usage of BLUNT, a network embedding algorithm library for DNA information, written in C++.
  • Toxic Comment Classification, a challenge on Kaggle.
  • AI Challenge Infrastructure, an infrastructure together with the game server and clients in various programming languages for a national AI competition, written in Java, C++, Python, and using Docker for the infrastructure.
  • IGO website, SSC website, scientific groups' websites, written using Django library.


Here are my teaching experiences, sorted by time.
  • Teaching Assistant, Graph Algorithms, UCI, Winter 2020
  • Teaching Assistant, Intro to AI, UCI, Fall 2019
  • Teaching Assistant, Intro to AI, UCI, Summer 2019
  • Teaching Assistant, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Sharif, Fall 2016
  • Teaching Assistant, Data Structures, Sharif, Spring 2016
  • Teaching Assistant, Statistics, Sharif, Spring 2016


You can find me in the theory office, DBH 4099. You can also send me an email if you like. It's khodabah at uci with edu at the end.