Draft, 3/1/12


INF131: Human-Computer Interaction

Instructor: Alfred Kobsa
TA: Bart Knijnenburg

Disclaimer: These are guidelines intended to help students plan their work in this class. However, the instructor does reserve the right to make changes if needed.

General Educational Aims: This course gives an introduction to human-computer interaction with an emphasis on user interface design. Students learn about HCI theory, cognitive foundations, guidelines for effective interface design, and the evaluation of user interfaces.

Specific Objectives:
At the conclusion of this course, the student should be able to:
- realize the importance of user-centered design, design prototyping, and formative and summative evaluation,
- have attained the ability to design user interfaces of low and medium complexity based on guidelines,
- realize the impact of human factors research and cognitive psychology on HCI, and
- be familiar with some of the outstanding research problems being studied in the field of HCI.

Requirements: Students should have used computers, and different software and websites, for at least one year.

Character of class: Lecture with discussion, self-study of required readings, some homeworks, quizzes about the readings, and a term project.

Location and Time:     Lecture:      TTh 9:30-11:50, ICS 174
                                      Discussion:  M 4-4:50pm,  ICF 103 (
TA Bart Knijnenburg)

Hours (send email beforehand if you plan to come):

Required readings:

Optional readings:

Grading: 10% for quizzes (you may collaborate)


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  20% for homeworks
Efficient reading
  20% for term project (group score unless vetoed)

Students with disabilities
  50% for final exam (open book)

  up to 10% bonus for active in-class participation
Add/drop: by the end of the 2nd week of class

This course is a direct prerequisite for:
INF 132: Project in Human-Computer Interaction and User Interfaces
INF 133: User Interaction Software


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  • Exercises in the Shneiderman et al. book are not required, but doing them is useful.