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Alfred Kobsa: Curriculum Vitae

Current Research Areas: personalization, privacy, human-computer interaction, personal healthcare support, information visualization.

Academic Education
1982-85  University of Vienna, Austria Ph.D. in Computer Science (with distinction)
1980-81  University of Salzburg, Austria Non-degree studies in psychology, linguistics, philosophy and formal logic
1975-80 University of Linz, Austria Master of Computer Science (with distinction)
Master of Business Administration (with distinction)

Scientific Positions
Since 2003 Professor, Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences, Univ. of California, Irvine, U.S.A.
2012, 2013
Visiting Researcher, Microsoft Research, Redmond, WA
Visiting Research Professor, National University of Singapore
Visiting Researcher, Telekom Innovation Labs at Ben Gurion University and University of Haifa, Israel
2005-2006 Visiting Scientist, Institute for Information Systems, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany
2000-2003 Associate Professor, School of Information and Computer Sciences, Univ. of California, Irvine, U.S.A.

Professor, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Essen, Germany

1995-2000 Director, GMD FIT, German Nat'l Research Center for Information Technology, St. Augustin
1991-95 Associate Professor, Dept. of Information Science, Univ. of Konstanz, Germany
1993 Visiting Researcher, Dept. of Computer Science, Columbia University, New York
1985-91 Senior Researcher and Project Director, Dept. of Computer Science, Univ. of Saarbrücken
1989 Substitute Full Professor in Computational Linguistics / Linguistic Informatics, Univ. of Duisburg
1988 Visiting Scientist, International Computer Science Institute, Berkeley, CA
1985 Research Associate, Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Vienna, Austria
1982-84 Research Associate, Dept. of Medical Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence, Univ. of Vienna
1980-81 Researcher, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Linz, Austria

Other positions
1997-1999 Co-Director, humanIT Human Information Technologies GmbH, St. Augustin, Germany

Professional Offices
Societies User Modeling, Inc. (Founding President, 1994-1999; Director-at-large, 1999-2003; Advisory Board Member 2003-2012)
Orange County ACM SIGCHI chapter (co-founder, Program Chair; 2002-04)
European Coordinating Committee on Artificial Intelligence (Delegate, 1984-85) 
ÖGAI Working Group on Cognitive Science (Chairman, 1982-85) 
ACM, SIGCHI, AAAI, German Informatics Society, FIFF, AACE APC (member)


User Modeling and User-Adapted Interaction (Editor-in-Chief, 1991-2016)
ACM Transaction on Intelligent Interactive Systems (Associate Editor, 2009-2014)
Universal Access in the Information Society (Editorial Board Member, 2000-2015)
World-Wide Web (Editorial Board Member, since 1996)
Dissertations in Artificial Intelligence Series, German Informatics Society (Editorial Board Member, since 1996)
Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science (Editorial Board Member,  2007-2012)
Information Technology and Decision Making (Editorial Board Member, 2001-07)
Review of Information Science (Editorial Board Member, 1996-98)

Chair or Co-Chair
2014 ACM Recommender Systems Conference (RecSys'14), Foster City, Silicon Valley, CA
AAAI-2012 Workshop on Intelligent Techniques for Web Persoanlization and Recommender Systems, Toronto, Canada
IJCAI-2011 Workshop on Intelligent Techniques for Web Personalization and Recommender Systems, Barcelona, Spain
18th International Conference on User Modeling, Adaptation and Personalizaton (UMAP 2010), Big Island, HI.
2009 ACM RecSys Workshop on Recommender Systems and the Social Web (New York)
IJCAI-09 Workshop on Intelligent Techniques for Web Personalization and Recommender Systems, Pasadena, CA
UMAP-09 Workshop on Personalization in Mobile and Pervasive Computing, Trento, Italy 
AAAI-08 Workshop on Intelligent Techniques for Web Personalization and Recommender Systems, Chicago, IL
AAAI-07 Workshop on Intelligent Techniques for Web Personalization, Vancouver, Canada
PEP06, CHI-2006 Workshop on Privacy-Enhanced Personalization, Montreal, Canada
EU-IST / NSF ITR Collaboration Workshop, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2005
PEP05, UM05 Workshop on Privacy-Enhanced Personalization, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2005
e-Accessibility, Dagstuhl Castle, Germany, 2003
Third Workshop on Adaptive Hypertext and Hypermedia, at ACM Hypertext'01, Århus, Denmark, and UM-01, Sonthofen, Germany
Fifth ERCIM Workshop on User Interfaces for All, Dagstuhl, Germany, 1999
Second Workshop on Adaptive Systems and User Modeling on the World Wide Web at WWW-8, Toronto, Canada, and UM99, Banff, Canada, 1999
UM94 and UM96 Workshops on the Standardardization of User Modeling Shells, Hyannis, MA, 1994 and Kailua-Kona, HI, 1996
Fourth International Conference on User Modeling, Hyannis, MA, Aug.1994 
First German Workshop on Adaptivity and User Modeling in Interactive Software Systems, Berlin, Germany, 1993 
Workshops on Knowledge Representation and Inference in User Modeling, Saarbrücken, 1990 and Konstanz, 1992
German KL-ONE Workshop, Saarbrücken, Germany, 1987
First International Workshop on User Modeling, Maria Laach, Germany, 1986

Conference Program 

UMAP 2018 (Singapore), UMAP 2017 (Bratislava, Slovakia), UMAP 2016 (Halifax, Canada), RecSys 2015 (Vienna, Austria; Senior Member), UMAP-15 (Dublin, Ireland), AAAI ICWSM-14 (Ann Arbor, MI; Senior Member), UMAP-14 (Aalborg, Denmark; Area Chair), AAAI ICWSM-13 (Cambridge, MA; Senior Member), UMAP-13 (Rome, Italy), 2012 ACM RecSys (Dublin, Ireland; Senior Member); EC-Web 2012 (Vienna, Austria), ISMIS'12 (Macau, China), UMAP 2012 (Montréal, Canada), EC-Web 2011 (Toulouse, France), UMAP 2011 (Girona, Spain), EC-Web 2010 (Bilbao, Spain), FLAIRS-22 (Sanibel Island, FL), UMAP-2009 (Trento, Italy), AAAI-2008 (Chicago, IL), AH-2008 (Hanover, Germany), ARES-08 (Barcelona, Spain), ECIS-08 (Galway, Ireland), AAAI 2007 (Vancouver, BC), IEEE InfoVis 2007 (Sacramento, CA), IFIP IDMAN’07 (Rotterdam, Netherlands), IUI 2007 (Oahu, HI), Recommender 07 (Minneapolis, MN), UM07 (Corfu, Greece), AAAI-06 (Boston, MA), AH 2006 (Dublin, Ireland), IEEE InfoVis 2006 (Baltimore, MD), WWW-2006 (Edinburgh, Scotland), IEEE InfoVis 2005 (Minneapolis, MN), I-KNOW 05 (Graz, Austria), ISWC-05 (Galway, Ireland), IUI-2005 (San Diego, CA), UAHCI-2005 (Las Vegas, NE), UM05 (Edinburgh, Scotland), WWW-05 (Chiba, Japan), AH-2004 (Eindhoven, Netherlands), e-Society 2004 (Madrid, Spain), PRICAI-04 (Auckland, New Zealand), WWW-2004 (New York, NY), IEEE InfoVis 2003 (Seattle, WA), ACM Hypertext'03 (Nottingham, UK), INTERACT-2003 (Zürich, Switzerland), UAHCI-03 (Heraklion, Greece), UM03 (Johnstown, PA), WWW2003 (Budapest, Hungary), AAAI-2002 (Edmonton, Calgary; Senior PC member), IEEE ICALT-2002 (Kazan, Tatarstan), IEEE InfoVis-2002 (Boston, MA), PRICAI-2002 (Tokyo, Japan), AH-2002 (Malaga, Spain), UAHCI-01 (New Orleans, Louisiana), UM01 (Sonthofen, Germany), IEEE ICALT-2001 (Madison, WI), WebNet 2001(Orlando, Florida), PRICAI2000 (Melbourne, Australia), ACM CUU 2000 (Washington, D.C.), AIMSA-2000 (St. Constantine, Bulgaria), IWIPS-2000 (Baltimore, MD), COOP-2000 (Sophia Antipolis, France), ECCE-00 (Linköping, Sweden), ISI-00 (Graz, Austria), WebNet 2000 (San Antonio, TX), WebNet 99 (Honolulu, HI), UM99 (Banff, Canada), ECCE-98 (Limerick, Ireland), CoopIS'98 (New York, NY), COOP-98 (Antibes-Juan-les-Pins, France), IBERAMIA'98 (Lisbon, Portugal),  ISI-98 (Prague, Czechia), UM97 (Chia Laguna, Italy), ECCE-96 (Madrid, Spain), EuroAIED-96 (Lisbon, Portugal), UM-96 (Kailua-Kona, HI), COOP-96 (Antibes-Juan-les-Pins, France), ICC-95 (Cluj-Napoca, Romania), HIM-95 (Konstanz, Germany), ISI-94 (Graz, Austria), ECAI-94 (Amsterdam, Netherlands), ECCE-94 (St. Augustin, Germany), ISI-90 (Konstanz, Germany), UM-90 (Honolulu, HI), KONNAI-90 (Salzburg, Austria), GLDV-89 (Darmstadt, Germany), ÖGAI-87 (Vienna, Austria), GWAI/ÖGAI-86 (Ottenstein, Austria)

Workshop Program
CHI-2018 Workshop "Bridging a Bridge: Bringing Two HCI Communities Together" (Montréal, Canada), ACM ASIACCS 2017 International Workshop on IoT Privacy, Trust, and Security (Abu Dhabi, United Emirates), UMAP 2017 Workshop on Temporal Aspects in User Modelling (Bratislava, Slovakia), ACM ASIACCS 2016 Workshop on Internet-of-Things Privacy, Trust, and Security (Xi'an, China), ACM ASIACCS 2015 Workshop on Internet-of-Things Privacy, Trust, and Security (Singapore), UMAP-13 Workshop on User Modeling for Enabling Technology for All (Rome, Italy), WWW 2013 Workshop on Social Recommender Systems (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), ACM WSDM 2013 Workshop on Context-aware Retrieval and Recommendation (Rome, Italy), ACM CSCW 2012 Workshop on Measuring Networked Social Privacy (San Antonio, TX), ACM RecSys 2012 Workshop on Human Decision Making in Recommender Systems, UMAP 2012 Workshop on Augmented User Modeling (Montreal, Canada), UMAP 2012 Workshop on Personalized Knowledge Modeling with Big (Usage & Context) Data (Montreal, Canada), ACM KDD 2012 Workshop on Context Discovery and Data Mining (Beijing, China), IUI 2012 Workshop on Ubiquitous Personalization (Lisbon, Portugal), IUI 2012 Workshop on Context-awareness in Retrieval and Recommendation (Lisbon, Portugal), ACM RecSys 2011 Workshop on Human Decision Making in Recommender Systems (Chicago, IL), IJCAI 2011 Workshop on Intelligent Techniques for Web Personalization & Recommendation (Barcelona, Spain), UMAP 2011 Workshop on Personalization Approaches in Learning Environments, UMAP 2011 Workshop on Augmenting User Models with Real World Experiences to Enhance Personalization and Adaptation (Girona, Spain), RecSys 2010 Workshop on User-Centric Evaluation of Recommender Systems and Their Interfaces (Barcelona, Spain), RecSys 2010 International Workshop on Information Heterogeneity and Fusion in Recommender Systems (Barcelona, Spain), HCI India 2010 Workshop on Modelling for Accessibility Personalization in HCI (Bombay, India), IUI 2010 Workshop on Social Recommender Systems  (Hong Kong, China), IJCAI 2009 Workshop on Intelligence and Interaction (Pasadena, CA), IIMSS-09 Workshop on Human-Computer Interaction in Knowledge-based Environments (Mogliano Veneto, Italy), UM07 Workshop on Ubiquitous and Decentralized User Modeling (Corfu, Greece), UM07 Workshop Towards User Modelling and Adaptive Systems for All (Corfu, Greece), PERVASIVE-06 Workshop on Real-World Experiences with RFID and Sensor Networks (Dublin, Ireland), UM05 Workshop on Decentralized, Agent-Based and Social Approaches to User Modeling (Edinburgh, Scotland), AAAI-04 Workshop on Semantic Web Personalization (San Jose, CA), AH'04 Workshop on Personalization in Future TV (Eindhoven, Netherlands), UM03 Workshop on User Modeling for Ubiquitous Computing (Johnstown, PA), i3 2000 Workshop on Interactive Learning Environments for Children (Athens, Greece), UI4ALL-00 (Florence, Italy), HT98 Workshop on Adaptive Hypertext and Hypermedia (Pittsburgh, PA), ABIS-98 (Saarbrücken, Germany), UI4ALL-98 (Stockholm, Sweden), AAAI-99 Symposium on Modal and Temporal Logic based Planning for Open Networked Multimedia Systems (North Falmouth, MA), ABIS-97 (Dortmund, Germany), UI4ALL-97 (Obernai, France), UI4ALL-96 (Prague, Czech Republic), UI4ALL-95 (Heraklion, Greece), Italian Workshop on User-Adapted Interaction 1994 (Bari, Italy), ABIS-94 (St. Augustin, Germany), IJCAI-91 Workshop on User Models and Natural-Language Dialog (Sydney, Australia), AAAI-91 Workshop on Intelligent Multimedia Interfaces (Stanford, CA).

Journal Reviewer

ACM Computing Surveys, ACM Transactions on [Office] Information Systems, ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction, ACM/Springer Journal on Multimedia Systems, AI & Society, Angewandte Informatik, Applied Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence Review, Behaviour and Information Technology, The Computer Journal, Communications of the ACM, Cybernetics & Systems Journal, Data and Knowledge Engineering, Human Computer Interaction, IEEE Privacy & Security, IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, Information and Management, Information Technology & Decision Making, Interacting with Computers, International Journal of Electronic Commerce, International Journal of Information Technology and Decision Making, International Journal of Man-Machine Studies, Journal for Digital Information, KI, Knowledge Engineering Review, New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia, Swiss Journal of Psychology, Universal Access in the Information Society, World Wide Web

Conference Reviewer

CHI-16 (San Jose. CA), CHI-13 (Paris, France), UbiComp-12 (Pittsburgh, PA), InfoViz-09 (Atlantic City, NJ), ECIS09 (Verona, Italy), UbiComp07 (Innsbruck, Austria), VAST-06 (Baltimore, MD), CHI-2004 (Vienna, Austria), CHI-2002 (Minneapolis, MN), ECAI-2002 (Lyon, France), UIST-2002 (Paris, France), UIST-2001 (Orlando, FL),COOP-95 (Antibes-Juan-Les-Pins, France), CHI-94 (Boston, MA), INTERCHI'93 (Amsterdam, Netherlands), ISI-92 (Saarbrücken, Germany), CHI-92 (Monterey, CA), ECAI-92 (Vienna, Austria), CAIA-91 (Miami, FL), GWAI-91 (Bonn, Germany), ECAI-90 (Stockholm, Sweden), GWAI-90 (Eringerfeld, Germany), IJCAI-89 (Detroit, MI), ÖGAI-89 (Innsbruck, Austria), ECAI-88 (Munich, Germany), IJCAI-87 (Milan, Italy), GWAI-87 (Geseke, Germany, EMCSR-84&86 (Vienna, Austria)

Reviewing for Publishers Addison-Wesley, Springer Verlag, Kluwer Academic Publishers, German Information Science Association Press, Wiley

Reviewing for 
Funding Agencies
Australian Research Council, Austrian Ministry of Science and Research, Austrian Science Fund, Commission of the European Union (ESPRIT, Information Society Technologies, Disabled & Elderly, Telematics, Language Engineering, Design for All), Danish National Research Foundation, German Science Foundation, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, U.S. National Science Foundation (Cyber-Enabled Discovery and Innovation, Cybertrust, Digital Libraries, Digital Society and Technology, Human-Centered Computing, Information Technology Research, Research Infrastructure, Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace, Social-Computational Systems), Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research, Science Foundation Ireland, German Volkswagen Foundation

Advisory Boards Scientific Advisory Board of the German National Social Science Information Center (IZ Sozialwissenschaften, 1997-2002), User Modeling Association (2003-2012), Adaptive Hypermedia and WWW Conference series (2002-2009).

Executive Boards Institute for Software Research, University of California, Irvine (since 2000)

Steering Committees
Steering Committeee of the ACM Conference Series on Recommender Systems (2014-2016)

Research Grants
Process Tracing to Improve Household IoT Users' Privacy Decisions
NSF and Dutch NWO (w/ PIs Knijnenburg; Willemsen, NL) $882.000
Privacy Cognizant IoT Environment
DARPA Brandeis (w/ PI Mehrotra, co-PI Venkasubramanian)
Effects of Auditory Stimuli on Security Tasks
National Science Foundation (w/ co-PIs Tsudik and Berg)
Online Job Clubs: A Smartphone Pilot Project
UCI Multi-Investigator Research Grant (w/ PI Sugie, co-PI Ward)
Justice Propulsion Lab & Racial Violence Archive
UC Center for New Racial Studies (w/ PI Ward, co-PI Sugie)
User-Tailored Approach to Privacy Decision Support
National Science Foundation (single PI)
2014-16 Self-Discovery Tool for Latina Breast Cancer Survivors National Cancer Institute (7 PIs from UCI and CSUF) $100,000
Industry gifts (mostly related to research on privacy)
Samsung, Intel, Google, Disney, Magellan, Ericsson, TCL, Qualcomm (all single PI)
User Errors in Security-Related Behavior
National Science Foundation, SaTC (w/ G. Tsudik)
Various Seed Grants
UCI, Bren School of ICS (5 PIs)
2009-2012 Usable Location Privacy in Geo-Social Networks National Science Foundation (3 PIs) $300,000
2008-2012 Decentralized Virtual Activities & Technologies National Science Foundation (6 PIs) $3,000,000

User-Aided Secure Association of Wireless Devices

National Science Foundation (3 PIs) $460,000
2005-2006 Instant Messaging and Privacy CRITO (single PI) $15,000
2004-2006 European IST collaboration (privacy area) National Science Foundation (single PI) $91,000
2004-2006 Privacy Protection in E-Commerce Alexander v. Humboldt Foundation (w/ O. Günther) $45,000
2003-2007 Privacy in Personalized Systems National Science Foundation (Single PI) $360,000
2002-2006 Distributed Software Development National Science Foundation (8 PIs)
2002-2003 Information Visualization CRITO (w/ J. Kim)
$ 15,000
2001-2003 International Privacy CRITO (Single PI)
$ 40,000
1999-00 Industrial Projects German Industries
$ 45,000
1997-00 LaboUR (Machine Learning) German Science Foundation (w/ W. Pohl)
$ 400,000
1998 BGP-MS (User Modeling Shell) SERI, Korea
$ 25,000
1996-98 COBRA (Business Intelligence) European Commission (ACTS, 6 institutions)
$ 1,600,000
1995-98 AVANTI (Universal Access) European Commission (ACTS, 8 institutions)
$ 3,500,000
1992-96 BGP-MS (User Modeling Shell) German Science Foundation
$ 600,000
1992-95 Research and Instrumentation University of Konstanz
$ 60,000
1985-95 Conference travel German Science Foundation
$ 15,000

Awards and Honors

Dean's Award for Research
Mercator Fellow of the German Science Foundation
2007, 2014
Google Research Award
2006 Humboldt Research Award
2003 Best Evaluation Paper Award at the Ninth International Conference on User Modeling
2001 UCI Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Fostering Undergraduate Research
Listings in Marquis Who is Who; Who is Who in the World; America; Science and Engineering; American Men and Women of Science; Encyclopedia of Bohemian and Czech-American Biography
1985 Heinz Zemanek Award of the Austrian Computer Society
1985 Austrian Presidential Theodor Körner Award
1984 Scientific Award of the Cultural Department of the City of Vienna, Austria
1982 Merit Scholarship of the Faculty of Technical and Natural Science, Technical University of Vienna
1981 Merit Scholarship of the Faculty of Natural Science, University of Salzburg, Austria
1978-83 PRO SCIENTIA fellowship
1977-80 Merit Scholarships of the Schools of Natural Science and Engineering, and Social and Economic Sciences, University of Linz, Austria

Teaching and Student Supervision

Scientific publications

List of all publications (including many online copies) available at


Google Scholar: 10,000+ citations (3,000 in the last five years), h=51, i10=110
Microsoft Academic Search: #79 in Human-Computer Interaction (field rating, worldwide)
Erdös-Number 4 (via G. Tsudik, M. Joye and P. L. Montgomery)

Scientific presentations

Conference keynotes ISMIS'12/WIC'12 (Macau, China), IHM-2010 (Luxembourg), INREDIS-2009 (Madrid, Spain), OCG-2009 (Vienna, Austria), FLAIRS-2008 (Miami, FL), KES-IIMSS-2008 (Piraeus, Greece), DEXA-2007 (Regensburg, Germany), UM2001 (Sonthofen, Germany), AH 2000 (Trento, Italy), WebNet'99 (Honolulu, HI), KI-93 (Berlin, Germany), LAUD-93 (Duisburg, Germany)
Conference Panels NPRS-2015 Panel on Privacy Perspective: Individual/Consumer, CPDP-2014 Panel on User-Centered Data Ecosystems (Brussels, Belgium), UMAP-2012 UMUAI panel (Montreal, Canada), UMAP-2010 University-Industry Panel (Big Island, HI), ACM WiSEC08 Panel on RFID Security and Privacy (Alexandria, VA), TrustBus-07 Panel on Identity Management (Regensburg, Germany), E-Challenges 2005 Panel on "Collaboration between NSF/ITR and FP6/IST" (Ljubljana, Slovenia), AAAS-05 Panel "Privacy and Security" (Washington, D.C.), IUI-05 Workshop Panel "Beyond Personalization" (San Diego, CA), IEEE VIS'03 Panel on Usability vs. Utility (Seattle, WA), I-KNOW-2003 Panel on Information and Knowledge Visualization (Graz, Austria), EXPO-2000 Panel on Access to Knowledge (Hanover, Germany), AH-2000 Panel on Adaptive Hypermedia Evaluation (Trento, Italy), AAAI-2000 Panel on Adaptive User Interfaces for the Real World (Stanford, CA), WebNet-99 Panel on Adaptive Hypertext and Hypermedia (Honolulu, Hawaii), UM-99 National Projects Panel (Banff, Canada), HT99 Panel on Adaptive Hypertext and Hypermedia (Darmstadt, Germany), CAIA-91 Panel on Multimedia in AI (Miami, FL)

About 300 scientific presentations given in the North America, Europe, Asia and Australia