Assignment 4: Design

Due in Class on November 19 with Presentations November 19 and 21

Assignment Requirements

This assignment consists of two parts: 1) an update and modification to the requirements document (see below) and 2) an in-class presentation limited to 15 minutes and focused on you software architecture and related design diagrams and descriptions.

Purpose and Content

The Requirements Document focused on what your system will do.  The design document describes how it will be done, giving the overall picture of how your system is organized.

The design document should also be an evolving document, or a living document.  You should begin by documenting the conceptual model of your system.  As you continue working, this model will be refined to include more detail, and some things will change.  By the time you turn in your design document, it should contain a reasonably accurate description of your final system.  You will also be asked to turn in a final version of the document at the end of the quarter that will include changes made to the requirements and design during the later stages of implementation.

The design document will consist of the following sections.  Sections 1-4 and 8-13 are updates of what you turned in for the Requirements Document.  The remaining sections, 5-7 and 14, are new to the Design Document.

  1. Title Page
  2. Summary
  3. Glossary
  4. Use Cases, Scenarios, Mock-up's

  5. (whichever you focused on in Assignment 2)
  6. Architecture Overview
  7. Modules Specification
  8. Team Specific diagrams

  9. See your TA but likely notations include Entity-Relationship (ER) Diagrams for database projects, UML Sequence Diagrams for client-server applications, ontologies for knowledge-based projects, etc.
  10. Deliverables
  11. Delivery Platform
  12. Terms and Authorization
  13. Development Platform.
  14. Milestones and Effort
  15. Acceptance Test Plan

  16. To be more specific in the update of your Acceptance Test Plan, create a script (2-4 pages) of your intended final presentation. The script may be in the form of an outline or bulleted list. In some cases, it will be close to your prototype demonstration. It should tell a choherent and convincing story that will make your client enthusiastic about signing off on your project!
    You may refer to figures in other parts of your document such as use cases and / or mock-up's.
  17. Unit and Integration Test Plans

  18. Enumerate several key tests for evaluating individual modules and combinations of modules in your system.
    For each test

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