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  CS 132 / EECS 148 Course Outline

Computer Networks (4 units). Computer network architectures, protocols, and applications. Internet congestion control, addressing, and routing. Local area networks. Multimedia networking. Prerequisite: Statistics 67 or EECS 55.

Regarding lecture slides: Slides will be posted in batches, about once per week. The slides are missing crucial information that will be presented in lecture, including most of the answers to questions on the slides. I strongly encourage you to bring them to lecture to fill in the missing material and to take notes. Some figures on these slides are reproduced from textbooks, and are provided under Fair Use solely to  those enrolled in this course. The remainder of these slides are copyright Scott Jordan. Unauthorized reproduction or distribution (including posting on a website) of any portion of these slides is a violation of the UCI Student Code of Conduct and may constitute copyright infringement.

Regarding problem sets: Instructions for uploading problem sets

Lecture Topic

Reading (Kurose refers to the 6th or 7th editions)

Lecture Slides

Assignment Due Dates

4/3 course intro, telephone networks

Tanenbaum 2.5 (pages 132-135), Tanenbaum 2.6 (pages 138-142)

Kurose 6th edition 7.1.2 or 7th edition 9.1.2

telephone networks  
4/5 telephone networks, regulation of telephone networks

Tanenbaum 2.6 (pages 152-156, 161-162)

Kurose 1.3.2

telephone networks


4/10 cable network architecture, regulation of cable networks, cell phone network architecture, regulation of cell phone networks, packet switching, Internet history

Tanenbaum 2.7 (pages 170-174)

Kurose 6th edition 7.1.1 or 7th edition 9.1.1

Kurose 6th edition 6.1-6.2, 6.7 or 7th edition 7.1-7.2

Kurose 1.1-1.3, 1.7

telephone networks, Internet architecture  
4/12 Internet topology, performance Kurose 1.4 Internet architecture

Problem Set #1 due 4/12 (solution)

4/17 cable Internet, cell phone Internet, regulation of the Internet

Tanenbaum 2.7 (pages 174-179), Tanenbaum 2.8 (180-186)

Internet architecture  
4/19 protocol layers, http, e-commerce

Kurose 1.5

Kurose 2.1-2.2

Internet architecture, Internet applications

Problem Set #2 due 4/19(solution)

4/24 social networks, email, content delivery networks, file sharing

Kurose 6th edition 2.4 or 7th edition 2.3

Kurose 6th edition 2.6 or 7th edition 2.5

Kurose 7th edition 2.6 (optional)

Internet applications  
4/26 streaming, VoIP, ports & sockets, flow and congestion control, UDP

Kurose 6th edition 7.1.3 or 7th edition 9.1.3

Kurose 3.1-3.3

Internet applications, TCP

Problem Set #3 due 4/26(solution)


window flow control, selective repeat protocol

Kurose 3.4.1-3.4.2, 3.4.4

5/3 TCP, addressing

Kurose 3.5-3.7

Kurose 6th edition 4.4 or 7th edition 4.3

TCP, Addressing

Problem Set #4 due 5/3(solution)

5/8 no lecture    


5/15 addressing

Kurose 6th edition 2.5 or 7th edition 2.4

Kurose 6th edition 5.4.1 or 7th edition 6.4.1

5/17 routing, ospf, bgp, interconnection

Kurose 4.1

Kurose 6th edition 4.3 or 7th edition 4.2

Kurose 6th edition 4.5 or 7th edition 5.2

Kurose 6th edition 4.6 or 7th edition 5.3-5.4
Addressing, IP Paper Initial Report due 5/17
5/22 aloha Kurose 6th edition 5.1-5.3.2 or 7th edition 6.1-6.3.2 IP, LANs  
5/24 ethernet

Kurose 6th edition 5.3.2 or 7th edition 6.3.2

Kurose 6th edition 5.4.2 or 7th edition 6.4.2

LANs Paper Final Report due 5/24
5/29 cable networks, forwarding, wi-fi

Kurose 6th edition 5.3.3 or 7th edition 6.3.3

Kurose 6th edition 5.3.4 or 7th edition 6.3.4

Kurose 6th edition 5.4.3 or 7th edition 6.4.3

Kurose 6th edition 6.2 or 7th edition 7.2

5/31 wi-fi, cellular networks, webpage request

Kurose 6th edition 6.3 or 7th edition 7.3

Kurose 6th edition 6.4 or 7th edition 7.4

Kurose 6th edition 5.7 or 7th edition 6.7

LANs, webpage request

Problem Set #5 due 5/31 (solution)

6/5 streaming, VoIP

Kurose 6th edition 7.2-7.3 or 7th edition 9.2-9.3

6/7 prioritization Kurose 6th edition 7.4-7.5 or 7th edition 9.4-9.5 Multimedia Problem Set #6 due 6/7 (solution)
6/14 1:30-3:30pm Final      


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