STATISTICS 225 - Bayesian Statistical Analysis

Fall Quarter 2018

TuTh 12:30pm - 1:50pm in DBH 1423

instructor: Hal Stern office: 2216 Bren Hall phone: 949-824-1568 email:

Course documents will be made available here: Syllabus Computing handout Examples from class (including R code): One parameter example in R Logistic regression (2-parameter example) in R (grid sampling, Stan) Stan code for the logistic regression example Normal-normal hierarchical model (8 schools) in R (grid sampling, Stan) Stan code for the normal-normal hierarchical model Beta-binomial hierarchical model (70 rat studies) in R (grid sampling, Stan) Stan code for beta-binomial w/ default prior Stan code for beta-binomial w/ informative prior Homework assignments: Homework 1 (assigned 10/4, due 10/16) Homework 2 (assigned 10/18, due 10/30 Lecture notes: These files are sets of slides that serve as "approximate" lecture notes. Each set should last about two-three weeks. Slides #1 - Introduction, univariate models, multivariate models, large sample results Slides #2 - Hierarchical models, Bayesian computing, model checking, classical vs Bayes Slides #3 - Robust models, regression models (regular and hierarchical), data collection
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