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 Two now not-so-recent awards:

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The Taylor/Medvidovic/Dashofy textbook/reference on software architecture is available:

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Richard N. Taylor is a Professor Emeritus of Information and Computer Sciences at the University of California at Irvine. He received the Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1980. His research interests are centered on design and software architectures, especially event-based and peer-to-peer systems and the way they scale across organizational boundaries. Professor Taylor was the Director of the Institute for Software Research from 1999 through 2017, which is dedicated to fostering innovative basic and applied research in software and information technologies through partnerships with industry and government. He has served as chairman of ACM's Special Interest Group on Software Engineering, SIGSOFT, chairman of the steering committee for the International Conference on Software Engineering, and was general chair of the 1999 International Joint Conference on Work Activities, Coordination, and Collaboration and the 2004 International Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering. He was the General Chair for the 2011 International Conference on Software Engineering, held in Honolulu, Hawaii, May 2011.

Taylor was a 1985 recipient of a Presidential Young Investigator Award and in 1998 was recognized as an ACM Fellow. In 2005 he was awarded the ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Service Award. In May 2008 he received ICSE's "Most Influential Paper Award", along with co-authors Peyman Oreizy and Nenad Medvidovic, for "Architecture-based runtime software evolution" from ICSE 1998. In May, 2009 he was recognized with the 2009 ACM SIGSOFT Outstanding Research Award. In February 2010 he was designated a University of California, Irvine Chancellor's Professor. In 2012 he received the Dean's Award for Excellence in Research, and in 2017 was granted a Distinguished Engineering Alumni Award by the University of Colorado, Boulder.

A PDF version of my September 2020 resume.

Software Engineering

Archival Events of Note

Institute for Software Research (ISR)

Established in July 1999, the University of California's Institute for Software Research (ISR) is dedicated to

The Institute's activities are focused on:

The Institute extends beyond the boundaries of UC Irvine and includes faculty from a variety of institutions. The Institute's web site details the faculty, staff, and students involved, the current projects, events, and news.


My research is focused on design — the issues, techniques, and agents involved in creating and evolving software artifacts and processes. Specific emphases include:

The foundational work on architectures has centered on means for describing architectures in various styles and development of new architectural styles (notably the "C2" components-and-connectors style and, with Roy Fielding, the REST style for Internet applications such as the WWW).

The environment and tools work has emphases on environment architectures (see the ArchStudio site for details), an extensible software architecture description language and supporting toolkit (see the xADL web site for the details and the download), and architecture-driven dynamic adaptation of applications. Virtually all of this work utilizes event-based approaches. A variety of publications in this area can be found at

Sample Publications (See full list):


(Not just software!)

The Proposal for a School of Design at the University of California, Irvine (dated November 2002; PDF format; 188 pages; 8.5M) recommended establishment of a research-based school having an interdisciplinary approach to design and a comprehensive array of degree programs at the bachelor's, master's, and doctoral levels. The School of Design proposal was transmitted to the Irvine Division of the Academic Senate on January 13, 2003. The proposal is no longer under active consideration, but remains a vision document for the design research community.

Software Design

Andre van der Hoek and I wrote an extended paper on the future of software design and architecture, as part of FOSE 2007: Future of Software Engineering.

Graduate Students and Ph.D. Graduates

Ph.D. Graduates

I've had the privilege of supervising the following thirty Ph.D. graduates.

1986 Stephen Clarke-Willson VP of Technology, NCSOFT
1988 Ray Klefstad Professor of Teaching (LSoE), Information and Computer Science, UC Irvine
1989 Michal Young Associate Professor, Computer Science, University of Oregon
1992 M. Gregory James Lead Product Manager, American Express
1993 David Levine

Lead Technologist, Booz Allen Hamilton, Boston, MA.

1993 Dennis Troup Emerging Technologies Consultants, Inc.
1994 Patrick Young Lecturer, Computer Science Department, Stanford University
1996 Holly Hildreth Senior Software Systems Engineer , Blue Origin
1996 John Self Senior Principal Engineer (Retired), BAE Systems, San Diego
1997 Kenneth Mark Anderson Professor and Department Chair, Computer Science , University of Colorado, Boulder
1998 Gregory Alan Bolcer Chief Data Officer (CDO)  , Bitvore Corporation
1999 Neno Medvidovic

Professor and Associate Chair, Computer Science Department, University of Southern California. Director Emeritus, Center for Systems and Software Engineering.

2000 Peyman Oreizy Senior Manager , Software Engineering at Walmart
2000 E. James Whitehead Professor and past Chair, Department of Computer Science, University of California, Santa Cruz
2000 Roy Thomas Fielding Senior Principal Scientist at Adobe Systems
Director at The Apache Software Foundation
Co-founder and member of the Apache HTTP Server Project
2002 Robb Klashner Assistant Professor, New Jersey Institute of Technology
2003 Rohit Khare Founder at Ångströ.com; now Product Manager, Google, Inc.
2004 Peter Kammer Senior Software Engineer, Google, Inc.
2006 Jie Ren Senior Staff Software Engineer, Google, Inc.
2007 Girish Suryanarayana

Director of Software Engineering, Siemens Digital Industries Software, India.

2007 Eric Dashofy

Deputy CIO and General Manager, The Aerospace Corporation

2008 John Georgas Professor and Vice Provost for Academic Operations; School of Informatics, Computing, and Cyber Systems, Northern Arizona University
2009 Hazel Asuncion Associate Professor, Computing and Software Systems, University of Washington, Bothell
2009 Justin Erenkrantz

Senior Vice President, Software Engineering at MLB Advanced Media, L.P.
Former President, The Apache Software Foundation

2010 Art Hitomi

CEO and Co-Founder at Numecent

2011 Scott Hendrickson Software Engineer, Google, Inc.
2012 Yongjie Zheng Associate Professor, California State University, San Marcos
2013 Leyna Cotran

Systems Engineering Manager, Waymo

2014 Alegria Baquero Senior Software Engineer, ZocDoc
2016 Michael Gorlick The Aerospace Corporation


The Things that Really Matter

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