Informatics 43 Spring 2009
Course News

Check back here every day or so. I will generally post important coursewide announcements here. They will be listed in reverse-chronological order (i.e., newest items first).

Date Added News Item
Tu 6/16 The final course grades are now available.
Su 6/7 The Final Exam Study Guide is now available.
Tu 6/2 Fixed one more bug in the Official Implementation of TPES, in which the data was being correctly serialized to a file after the first time the program was executed, but not on any subsequent run. Only in the inf43.spring2009.tpes.model package has changed.
Tu 6/2 Updated the Official Implementation of TPES to fix a problem that was preventing data from being serialized and deserialized automatically. Only in the inf43.spring2009.tpes.model package has changed.
F 5/29 A completed version of Phase 4 of the Course Project is now available, including the Official Implementation of TPES. Included is an example of the layout you should use for your test matrices.
Th 5/28 Phase 4 of the Course Project is now available. (Part of this phase is not yet available, because it depends on the Official Implementation, which will not be provided until Friday night, since some of you are still working on Phase 3.)
F 5/22

Two updates today:

  • The discussion slides from last Friday's discussion are now available.
  • The Schedule has been updated, with lectures estimated through next week. Note the addition of one chapter of reading, accompanying our conversations about testing this week.
Su 5/17 Now available: The code example from Thursday's lecture, along with Schedule updates.
Tu 5/12 Today's code example is now available.
Sa 5/9 Phase 3 of the Course Project is now available.
W 5/6 The Midterm scores are now available.
F 5/1 The Midterm Study Guide is now available, as well as the discussion slides from today's discussion, and Schedule adjustments to reflect the last week or so of lecture and the corresponding readings.
Su 4/26 Hye Jung's discussion slides from Friday's discussion are now available.
Th 4/23

Three updates this morning:

M 4/20 Details of the late work policy for this course have been added to the front page of the Course Project. We discussed these details in lecture on the first day, but I neglected to include them on the web site until now.
Sa 4/18 The slides from yesterday's discussion are now available.
Th 4/16 The latest Schedule update is now available, covering the next week and a half of lecture.
M 4/13 The Schedule has been updated. Tuesday's lecture will be an additional requirements elicitation meeting, to ensure that there is enough time to cover the project's requirements.
F 4/10 The slides from Hye Jung's discussion this afternoon are now available.
Th 4/9 An updated version of Phase 1 of the course project is now available. The only change is an additional rule about when we'll stop accepting requirements-related questions.
M 4/6 The first phase of the Course Project is available, along with a Schedule update. Note that a couple of online readings corresponding to the Thursday, April 2 lecture were added.
F 4/3 We're moving to a new classroom. Beginning on Tuesday, April 7, and continuing through the rest of the quarter, we will be meeting in the McDonnell Douglas Engineering Auditorium instead of ICS 174. The meeting time has not changed.
M 3/30

Welcome! A few things:

  • The first lecture will meet on Tuesday, March 31 and the first discussion will meet on Friday, April 10. For more information about meeting times and course policies, see the Course Reference. For information about lecture material and readings, see the Schedule.
  • I encourage you to spend some time reading through the material on this course web site. Notice the set of links at the top of this (and every) page, leading you to the Course Reference, the Schedule, and the Course Project, as well as a set of commented Code Examples that will be posted during the course of the quarter when we talk about Java code (which won't be often).

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