WICS 2010/2011 - NCWIT Blurb

The ICS Technology Showcase event below would not be possible without the kind contribution by NCWIT and ReturnPath.
We would like to thank them, as well as tell you about our goals for the following event:

Come to the ICS Technology Showcase, where female professors and grad students will display their past and current research projects.

We will be introducing Sandy Irani, the department chair of Computer Science, Melissa Mazmanian, who is currently studying the impact of cell phones on home and work life, Gillian Hayes, who is monitoring premature infants to ensure that their muscles are developing well through sensors, and more.

The professors will talk about their involvement in information and technology as well as their research projects, which you will be able to interact with! If you are curious about Information and Computer Sciences or want to know how your major and technology can work together, then come to this event to find out more!

NCWIT and Our Goals

Since 2004, the National Center for Women and Information Technology (NCWIT), an alliance of over 250 renowned corporations, academic institution, government agencies, and non-profits, is working towards raising the contributions of females in the world of Information Technology and Computing. They believe in inspiring women to pursue careers in the field as diversity in the field will help cater to the broad and creative audience.

Their many goals include discovering the reason for the lack of women in the fields on computer technology, and trying to solve this problem by identifying what captures female interest in terms of research, and inventions to build a better united national platform for progress. This year, they've joined forces with ReturnPath to help the female community in technology grow.

UC Irvine's Women in Information and Computer Science (WICS) would like to thank NCWIT and ReturnPath for entrusting us with the $500 Seed Fund to aid our efforts to introduce more girls and women to computer science. Using the Seed Grant, WICS plans to host a "Conference" to showcase the brilliant past and present work of faculty and graduate students in an effort to highlight the female members of our technical community. Visitors would be able to talk to the creators of the projects and get to know the field in a more intimate manner as well as develop an interest in computers. WICS hopes to demonstrate that Computer Technology is more than what most people know.

The event targets those who are undecided/undeclared major students in our university as well as the juniors and seniors enrolled in the local high school. Other departments at UCI are also invited, attracting them with how combining their given fields with technology can have a huge impact in their careers. This will not only raise awareness about technology and computing, but also encourage them to pursue a major or even a minor in the field of computer science.