Bridging Clinical and Non-Clinical Health Practice: Opportunities and Challenges

Abstract from organizers

Yunan Chen, University of California, Irvine, USA

Charlotte Tang, University of British Columbia, Canada

Karen Cheng, Charles Drew University and University of California, Irvine, USA

SunYoung Park, University of California, Irvine

[ Bridging Clinical and Non-Clinical Health Practices: Opportunities and Challenges ]

Accepted papers

Young Seok Lee, Motorola Applied Research Center, USA

Craig Garfield, Northwestern University, USA

Hyung Nam Kim, Northwestern University, USA

[ NICU-2-HOME: Supporting the Transition to Home from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit ]

Noreen Kamal, MAGIC and University of British Columbia, Canada

Sidney Fels, University of British Columbia, Canada

Kendall Ho, eHealth Strategy Office, Canada

Lawrence Cheng, Connect Health, Canada

Mike Blackstock, MAGIC and University of British Columbia, Canada

[ Patient-Clinician Partnership through a Personal Online Health Social Network System ]

Xiaojun Yuan, University at Albany and State University of New York, USA

Bo Xie, University of Maryland, USA

[ Improving Older Adults' Search Experience Using Speech Interface in Health Practices ]

Aisling Ann O'Kane, University College London, UK

Helena M. Mentis, Microsoft Research, UK

[ Sharing Health Information in the Care of Diabetes ]

Mustafa Ozkaynak, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA

[ Using Patient-Oriented Workflow to Develop a Holistic Understanding of Anticoagulation Management ]

Peggy Gregory, University of Central Lancashire, UK

[ eHealth Systems Across Boundaries ]

Adam Perer, IBM Research Center, USA

[ Healthcare Analytics for Clinical and Non-Clinical Settings ]

Varun Bhagwan, IBM Research Center, USA

Daniel Gruhl, IBM Research Center, USA

Steve Welch, IBM Research Center, USA

[ Mobile Evidence Delivery: Dashboard for Clinical Support ]

Xiaomu Zhou, Rutgers University, USA

Lora Appel, Rutgers University, USA

Brian Gerhardstein, Robert Wood Johnson Medical Center, USA

Shireen Rizvi, Rutgers University, USA

Mary Wagner, Rutgers University, USA

[ Getting Clinicians Involved: Testing Smartphone Applications to Promote Behavior Change in Health Care ]

Catalina Danis, IBM Research Center, USA

Wendy A. Kellogg, IBM Research Center, USA

Robert Farrell, IBM Research Center, USA

James E. Christensen, IBM Research Center, USA

David Levine, IBM Research Center, USA

[ Reframing Adherence: Collaborative Enactment of Healthcare ]

Nervo Verdezoto, Aarhus University, Denmark

Erik Gronvall Aarhus University, Denmark

Sofie Vincentz, The Alexandra Institute, DenmarkA

Svend Rostgaard Thielsen, The Alexandra Institute, Denmark

[ Exploring Challenges of Self-Monitoring for Senior Adults ]

Crystal Boston-Clay, Indiana University, USA

Josette Jones, Indiana University, USA

Anthony Faiola, Indiana University, USA

[ The Power of a Triangulation Study in Healthcare System Implementation ]

Ayse G. Buyuktur, University of Michigan, USA

Mark S. Ackerman, University of Michigan, USA

[ Information Fragmentation and Continuity of Care in Bone Marrow Transplant ]

Anthony Faiola, Indiana University, USA

Crystal Boston-Clay, Indiana University, USA

Josette Jones, Indiana University, USA

Michael Downey, Indiana University, USA

Christine M. Newlon, Indiana University, USA

[ Managing Patient Health Across Diverse Spaces: Using Activity Theory to Model Pervasive Decision Support ]

Rupa Patel, University of Washington, USA

Predrag Klasnja, University of Washington, USA

Wanda Pratt, University of Washington, USA

[ From Retrospective to Real-time: a Study of Patient Tracking Behaviors for Cancer Symptom Management ]

Olav W. Bertelsen, Aarhus University, Denmark

Gunnar Kramp, Aarhus University, Denmark

[ Designing for Anxiety Therapy Bridging Clinical and Non-Clinical ]

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