Graduate Student Policies: Advancing to Candidacy

Advancing to Candidacy for the M.S. Degree

Advancement to candidacy implies that a student is almost finished with his/her degree requirements. This is not an automatic process. The students is responsible for making sure his or her form is completed and gets filed. The Advancement to Candidacy form should be submitted at least one quarter before the student plans on graduating.


Advancing to Candidacy for the Ph.D. degree

Prior to advance to candidacy for the Ph.D. degree, students must complete the following steps:

  1. Complete coursework
  2. Pass the Phase II exam at the Ph.D. level (if applicable to the student's program)
  3. Complete a research or survey paper of publishable quality (if applicable to the student's program)

The advancement exam is an oral presentation to a five-member committee of senate faculty. Note that you may combine your Ph.D. advancement with your topic defense with the consent of your advisor. The committee must be composed of the Committee Chair, three general members, and one outside member. The Chair of the candidacy commitee must hold either a primary or joint appointment in the student's department, and the majority of the committee must be from the student's department. The outside member must be a UC Irvine faculty member and may not be affiliated with the student's department.

Each committee member must agree on the research you would like to complete for your doctoral dissertation.

» Preparing for the Advancement Exam

  • Arrange a date when all involved parties can meet
  • Reserve a conference room with your department
  • The Ph.D. Form I can be downloaded from Graduate Division here

» After the Advancement Exam is complete

  • Get appropriate signatures on the Ph.D. Form I (including your own!)
  • The ICS Graduate Office can provide the Department Chair and Associate Dean signatures.
  • Pay $90 advancement fee at the Cashier's office
  • Turn form into Graduate Division (120 Aldrich Hall)