Computer Science 221: Information Retrieval

Winter 2009-2010

Department of Informatics

Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences

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Students are responsible for material that is disseminated during class. If you miss class, please arrange before-hand with a friend to get notes/handouts for you. If you know you are going to miss something important, contact the instructor beforehand. It's much easier to accommodate planned absences.


Students are responsible for all material taught in this course. If you join the class later in the quarter, you are expected to complete all missed work immediately.


Attendance is part of your grade.


Critical announcements will be emailed to your UCI Net ID / Login through an EEE managed class mailing list. Please make sure it is set up properly and being forwarded to whichever account you normally read email from. Make sure it is not on your spam list or being filtered as junk mail.


Many other announcements will be made in class as well.


An email has been sent to the class mailing list. If you did not receive it, please investigate the problem so that you do not miss required information.

Email correspondence to instructors:

To make sure that the class staff see your email, please include the class code, "[CS 221]" , at the beginning of the subject line. If you do not get a response to the email in 24 hours (except weekends), please resend it or talk to me after class. I recommend also cc'ing the EEE class mailing list (see Materials page) on non-personal issues so that the entire class benefits from the discussion.

Late Penalty

Generally speaking the late penalty is 1% per hour after the due date.


Due dates are usually 11:59pm local time on the day an assignment is due.


For example, turning in something 24 hours late will be result in a 24% penalty.

Sick Policy

If you find that you are unable to make it to a scheduled event (exam, presentation, etc.) due to sickness, please get some documentation from a health care provider to assist us in maintaining fairness to the other students in the class. In the absence of such documentation, please contact the staff as soon as you realize that you are going to miss a scheduled event. Generally sicknesses will be treated on a case by case basis. We will accommodate you as best as we can depending on the circumstances.


Electronic Add/Drop only. Standard University time lines apply.


I choose to not waive prerequisites.


As a result of UC wide budget cuts, the funding for a teaching assistant funding has been dropped so the class size limit will also be respected.


I will only offer an incomplete grade to a student who, through some unforeseen emergency, is unable to complete the requirements of the course.

Academic honesty:

Please familiarize yourself with the latest UCI academic honesty policy:


In a nutshell - you may never use anyone else's work without clearly acknowledging the source. This includes code you find on the web, text from books, and answers from friends. If an assignment requires you to do the work yourself, then acknowledging the source of an answer does not fulfill the requirements of the assignment.


Plagiarism is any work that you use that you did not create and do not credit. The ACM publishes a more detailed definition here. If you plagiarize another work without crediting the source, you will receive a failing grade for the entire course at the discretion of the instructor.


This has happened in my courses before, it has happened in conferences that I have chaired and I have sat in conferences in which others have presented my work verbatim. In each of these cases I took the harshest possible recourse available to me at the time. Our global academic system relies on properly creditting sources for everything to function.


It takes 2 seconds to cite your source. If you want to be intellectually lazy, take a different course.

Web Page , Readings, and Assignments:

The web page for the class is subject to update. Check it frequently and be sure to refresh / reload the Web pages when you browse them.


Please follow the assignments exactly. If you need clarification, ask before the assignment is due.

Students with Disabilities or Special Needs:
Any student who feels he or she may need an accommodation based on the impact of a disability, religious observance (or anything else) should contact me privately to discuss his or her specific needs. If appropriate, contact the Disability Services Center at (949) 824-7494 as soon as possible to better ensure that such accommodations are implemented in a timely fashion.