Cyber Physical Systems and Internet of Things:

  • CareDEX: Enabling Disaster Resilience in Aging Communities via a Secure Data Exchange
  • SWADE: Smart WAter Data Exchange
  • SPARx: Smart Practices and Architectures for Rx fire in California
  • SciFire: Enabling Infrastructure and Information Resilience for Smart Firefighting
  • MINES: Adaptive Communication Middleware for Resilient Sensing and Actuation in Emergency Response Scenarios
  • IoT-SITY: Cultivating the IoT-Enabled Smart Community
  • TIPPERS: A research testbed with plug-n-play potential to support privacy technologies and customizable to multiple usage scenarios.
  • AquaSCALE: Exploring resilience of community water systems
  • SCALE: Safe Community Awareness and Alerting Network
  • Cypress: CYber Physical RESilliance and Sustainability

Mobile, Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing:

  • Pervasive Computing for Disaster Response: A Pervasive Computing and Communications Collaboration project between UC Irvine, California Institute of Technology, and IIT Gandhinagar
  • I-sensorium: A shared experimental laboratory housing state-of-the-art sensing, actuation, networking and mobile computing devices
  • SATWARE: A Middleware for Sentient Spaces
  • Quasar: Quality Aware Sensing Architecture
  • SUGA:Middleware Support for Cross-Disability Access
  • FORGE: A Framework for Optimization of Distributed Embedded Systems Software
  • Dynamo: Power Aware Middleware for Distributed Mobile Computing
  • MAPGrid: Mobile Applications Powered by Grids
  • Xtune: Cross Layer Tuning of Mobile Embedded Systems

Next Generation Notification Systems:

Adaptive and Reflective Middleware:

  • MetaSIM: Reflective Middleware Solutions for Integrated Simulation Environmetns
  • Contessa: Adaptive System Interoperability
  • CompOSE|Q: Composable Open Software Environment with QoS
  • MIRO: Adaptive Middleware for a Mobile Internet Robot Laboratory

Emergency Response:

  • RESCUE: Responding to Crises and Unexpected Events
  • SAFIRE: Situational Awareness for Firefighters
  • Responsphere: An IT Infrastructure for Responding to the Unexpected

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