The following is a list of general-purpose handouts available for this course. You may also want to look at related materials on the following web pages: Lecture Schedule/Notes, Sample Programs, and Course Software.

Academic Integrity Contract
Discusses the kinds of collaboration allowed and disallowed for the various testing instruments in this course. You must read and sign a copy.

Academic Dishonesty Reporting Form
In case you are interested, here is the standard form UCI supplies instructors for reporting violations.

ASCII Character Set Reference
A table showing how values of the types int and char interconvert.

Bugs: An Explanation
A description of bugs in the context of computer programming.

Hackers and Painters
The title (and most interesting chapter) in a book written by Paul Graham: Hackers and Programmers: Big Ideas from the Computer Age. I highly recommend this book. All chapters are posted on the author's web pages.

Pair Programming
An introduction to Extreme Programming (XP) concentrating on testing and pair programming. Read this before doing pair-programming on a programming assignment.

Checkmate Homework Submissions
Instructions for submitting work on the Checkmate System.

Regular Expressions
In the context of studying EBNF, we will discuss using regular expressions for searching in the Eclipse text editor. Each regular expression is like the right hand side of an EBNF rule, although it uses a different notation and includes more options. Three other popular (by google) web sites are Regular Expressions and Using Regular Expressions and A Tao of Regular Expressions.