Ecological Intervention

Peer into the rainforests of Costa Rica through the windows of three standing islands. They are lush environments, populated by flowering plants and trees, as well as a multitude of hummingbirds.

A fully forested island (70 KB)

As a visitor, you have control over the islands' ecosystems - you can destroy everything on an island at the push of a button, leaving it barren and uninhabited.

A deforested island (70 KB)

Participate in restoration ecology by moving new species to the deforested island. Use the mobile rafts to pick up a seed or bird from one island and deposit it on another.

Hummingbird box

By introducing new species to an island, you affect the island's ecosystem. Each species brings a different quality to the island; you must make them work together in the correct order to restore the island to its original state.

Island in progress (70 KB)

Once an island has been restored, the various species interact to form a thriving ecosystem.

island with birds

To learn more about the species in the installation and learn more about ecological restoration, visit the Extras page.

A Museum Near You

On July 26 and August 19, 2005, the EcoRaft Project team took the prototype installation to the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana, California, for a two hour test run. In the future, we hope to install a version of it permanently at this location and other similar sites around the United States. Check this space for future notices.

View our Photo Gallery of the EcoRaft installation.

Last updated: August 31, 2005