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EAGER Award, 2009-2011 - $280,371, "Narrative-Centered Computing for Childhood Environmental Awareness", PI Bill Tomlinson

CreativeIT Award, 2008-2010 - $200,000, "Computational Metaphor Identification for Supporting Creativity in Science Education", PI Bill Tomlinson, Co-PI Lindsey Richland, PhD Student Eric Baumer

CAREER Award, 2007-2012 - $500,000, "An Agent-Based Approach to Human-Computer Interaction for Systems of Collocated Devices", PI Bill Tomlinson

REU Supplement, 2008 - $15,995, "Green IT and Multi-Device Systems", PI Bill Tomlinson

Broadening Participation in Computing Award, 2008-2011 - $599,723, "American Indian Summer Institute in Computer Science: Linking Native Culture to Computer Game Culture", PI Dan Frost, Co-PIs Bill Tomlinson and Amelia Regan

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
Sloan Research Fellowship, Computer Science, 2008-2010 - $50,000, Bill Tomlinson

Nicholas Foundation
Prize for Cross-Disciplinary Research 2005-2006 - $80,000, "EcoRaft Project", PIs Bill Tomlinson and Lynn Carpenter

Emulex Corporation
The Emulex Corporation has supported several of the students in our research group.

Microsoft Research
Microsoft Research provided an equipment grant to support the GreenScanner project.

Amazon Web Services provided in-kind support for several research and educational projects.

Bren School of ICS
Professor Tomlinson, and most of the graduate and undergraduate students in the group, are affiliated with the Donald Bren School of Information & Computer Sciences, and the Department of Informatics specifically. The group has been supported by a variety of seed grants through ICS. Our group is also affiliated with the LUCI Lab.

The California Institute for Telecommunications & Information Technology has been very supportive of our projects over the last several years. Our primary research space is in the Interactive Animation Lab at Calit2. In particular, Calit2 coordinated the Nicholas Foundation prize, which supported our collaboration with Lynn Carpenter (UCI Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) and Emulex Foundation grants.

Environment Institute
The UCI Environment Institute provided a grant for a collaborative project with Brett Sanders (Civil & Environmental Engineering) and Robin Keller (Merage School).

The University of California, Irvine has provided a number of other seed grants for exploratory research projects.