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CompSci 275 Spring 2014, Constraint Networks
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Projects from Fall 2010:
  • Petke, J. and Jeavons, P. Local Consistency and SAT-Solvers. CP 2010. report | slides
  • Mateescu, R., and Dechter, R. Compiling Constraint Networks into AND/OR Multi-valued Decision Diagrams (AOMDDs). CP 2006. report | slides
  • Schreiber, Y. Value-Ordering Heuristics: Search Performance vs. Solution Diversity. CP 2010. report | slides
Possible projects:
  • Conference Links
  • CP 2013 Paper List (recommended with ***)
    • Technical Track
      • Ignasi Abío, Robert Nieuwenhuis, Albert Oliveras and Enric Rodríguez Carbonell
        A Parametric Approach for Smaller and Better Encodings of Cardinality Constraints
      • Ignasi Abío, Robert Nieuwenhuis, Albert Oliveras, Enric Rodríguez Carbonell and Peter J. Stuckey
        To Encode or to Propagate? The Best Choice for Each Constraint in SAT
      • Ozgur Akgun, Alan Frisch, Ian Gent, Bilal Hussain, Christopher Jefferson, Lars Kotthoff, Ian Miguel and Peter Nightingale
        Automated Symmetry Breaking and Model Selection in Conjure
      • Carlos Ansótegui, Maria Luisa Bonet, Joel Gabàs and Jordi Levy
        Improving WPM2 for (Weighted) Partial MaxSAT
      • Josep Argelich, Chu-Min Li, Felip Manyà and Zhu Zhu
        MinSAT versus MaxSAT for Optimization Problems
      • Amine Balafrej, Christian Bessiere, Remi Coletta and El Houssine Bouyakhf
        Adaptive Parameterized Consistency
      • Christian Bessiere, Hélène Fargier and Christophe Lecoutre
        (**) Global Inverse Consistency for Interactive Constraint Satisfaction
      • Simon Brockbank, Gilles Pesant and Louis-Martin Rousseau
        Counting Spanning Trees to Guide Search in Constrained Spanning Tree Problems
      • Jakub Bulín, Dejan Delić, Marcel Jackson and Todd Niven
        On the reduction of the CSP dichotomy conjecture to digraphs
      • Supratik Chakraborty, Kuldeep S. Meel and Moshe Vardi
        (****) A Scalable Approximate Model Counter
      • Geoffrey Chu and Peter J. Stuckey
        Dominance Driven Search
      • David Cohen, Peter Jeavons, Evgenij Thorstensen and Stanislav Živný
        Tractable Combinations of Global Constraints
      • Jessica Davies and Fahiem Bacchus
        Postponing Optimization to Speed Up MAXSAT Solving
      • Simon de Givry, Steven Prestwich and Barry O'Sullivan
        Dead-End Elimination for Weighted CSP
      • Erin Delisle and Fahiem Bacchus
        (***) Solving weighted CSPs by Successive Relaxations
      • Gregory Duck, Joxan Jaffar and Nicolas Koh
        Constraint-based Program Reasoning with Heaps and Separation
      • Jean-Guillaume Fages and Tanguy Lapègue
        Filtering AtMostNValue with difference constraints: application to the Shift Minimisation Personnel Task Scheduling Problem
      • Daniel Fontaine, Laurent Michel and Pascal Van Hentenryck
        (***) Model Combinators for Hybrid Optimization
      • Kathryn Francis, Jorge Navas and Peter J. Stuckey
        Modelling Destructive Assignments
      • Alex Fukunaga
        An Improved Search Algorithm for Min-Perturbation
      • Graeme Gange, Peter J. Stuckey and Pascal Van Hentenryck
        Explaining Propagators for Edge-valued Decision Diagrams
      • Stefano Gualandi and Michele Lombardi
        A Simple and Effective Decomposition for the Multidimensional Binpacking Constraint
      • Patricia Gutierrez, Jimmy H.M. Lee, Ka Man Lei, Terrence W.K. Mak and Pedro Meseguer
        (***) Maintaining Soft Arc Consistencies in BnB-ADOPT+ During Search
      • Jun He, Pierre Flener, Justin Pearson and Wei Ming Zhang
        Solving String Constraints: The Case for Constraint Programming
      • Peter Jonsson, Victor Lagerkvist and Gustav Nordh
        Blowing Holes in Various Aspects of Computational Problems, with Applications to Constraint Satisfaction
      • William Klieber, Mikoláš Janota, Joao Marques-Silva and Edmund Clarke
        (***) Solving QBF with Free Variables
      • Kevin Leo, Christopher Mears, Guido Tack and Maria Garcia de La Banda
        Globalizing Constraint Models
      • Michele Lombardi and Stefano Gualandi
        A New Propagator for Two-Layer Neural Networks in Empirical Model Learning
      • Manuel Loth, Michèle Sebag, Youssef Hamadi and Marc Schoenauer
        Bandit-based Search for Constraint Programming
      • Chuan Luo, Shaowei Cai, Wei Wu and Kaile Su
        Focused Random Walk with Configuration Checking and Break Minimum for Satisfiability
      • Radu Marinescu, Razak Abdul and Nic Wilson
        (***) Multi-objective Constraint Optimization with Tradeoffs
      • Thierry Moisan, Jonathan Gaudreault and Claude-Guy Quimper
        (***) Parallel Discrepancy-Based Search
      • Michael D. Moffitt
        Multidimensional Bin Packing Revisited
      • Jean-Noël Monette, Nicolas Beldiceanu, Pierre Flener and Justin Pearson
        A Parametric Propagator for Discretely Convex Pairs of Sum Constraints
      • Nina Narodytska and Toby Walsh
        Breaking Symmetry with Different Orderings
      • Pierre Ouellet and Claude-Guy Quimper
        Time-Table-Extended-Edge-Finding for the Cumulative Constraint
      • François Pelsser, Pierre Schaus and Jean-Charles Régin
        Revisiting the cardinality reasoning for BinPacking constraint
      • Steven Prestwich, Marco Laumanns and Ban Kawas
        Value Interchangeability in Scenario Generation
      • Jean-Charles Régin, Mohamed Rezgui and Arnaud Malapert
        (***) Embarrassingly parallel search
      • Pierre Schaus and Renaud Hartert
        (***) Multi-Objective Large Neighborhood Search
      • Andreas Schutt, Thibaut Feydy and Peter J. Stuckey
        Scheduling Optional Tasks with Explanation
      • Paul Scott, Sylvie Thiébaux, Menkes van Den Briel and Pascal Van Hentenryck
        Residential Demand Response under Uncertainty
      • Evgenij Thorstensen
        Lifting structural tractability to CSP with global constraints
      • Djamal Habet and Donia Toumi
        (***) Empirical Study of the Behavior of Conflict Analysis in CDCL Solvers
      • Allen Van Gelder
        (***) Primal and Dual Encoding from Applications into Quantified Boolean Formulas
      • Mohamed Wahbi, Redouane Ezzahir and Christian Bessiere
        Asynchronous Forward Bounding Revisited
      • Wei Xia and Roland Yap
        Optimizing STR Algorithms with Tuple Compression
    • Application Track
      • Nicolas Beldiceanu, Georgiana Ifrim, Arnaud Lenoir and Helmut Simonis
        Describing and Generating Solutions for the EDF Unit Commitment Problem with the ModelSeeker
      • Quoc Trung Bui, Quang Dung Pham and Yves Deville
        Solving the Agricultural Land Allocation Problem by Constraint-Based Local Search
      • Hadrien Cambazard, Deepak Mehta, Barry O'Sullivan and Helmut Simonis
        Bin Packing with Linear Usage Costs -- An Application to Energy Management in Data Centres
      • Luca Di Gaspero, Andrea Rendl and Tommaso Urli
        Constraint-based approaches for Balancing Bike Sharing Systems
      • Alexandre Goldsztejn, Laurent Granvilliers and Christophe Jermann
        Constraint Based Computation of Periodic Orbits of Chaotic Dynamical Systems
      • Mikael Z. Lagerkvist, Martin Nordkvist and Magnus Rattfeldt
        Laser Cutting Path Planning using CP
      • Martin Mann, Feras Nahar, Heinz Ekker, Rolf Backofen, Peter Stadler and Christoph Flamm
        Atom Mapping with Constraint Programming
      • Reuven Naveh and Amit Metodi
        (***) Beyond Feasibility: CP Usage in Constrained-Random Functional Hardware Verification
      • Ma Hakim Newton, Duc Nghia Pham, Wee Lum Tan, Marius Portmann and Abdul Sattar
        Stochastic Local Search based Channel Assignment in Wireless Mesh Networks
      • Ana Paula Tomás and José Paulo Leal
        Automatic generation and delivery of multiple choice math quizzes
      • Philippe Vismara, Remi Coletta and Gilles Trombettoni
        Constrained Wine Blending
      • Stéphane Zampelli, Yannis Vergados, Rowan Van Schaeren, Wout Dullaert and Birger Raa
        The berth allocation and quay crane assignment problem using a CP approach
    • CPAIOR 2013 Papers (recommended with ***)
      • Elena Kelareva, Kevin Tierney and Philip Kilby
        Scheduling and Routing with Time-Dependent Task Costs
      • Laura Climent, Richard J. Wallace, Miguel A. Salido and Federico Barber
        (***)Modeling Robustness in CSPs as Weighted CSPs
      • John Hooker
        (*****) Decision diagrams and dynamic programming
      • Marijn Heule, Matti Järvisalo and Armin Biere
        Revisiting Hyper Binary Resolution
      • Domenico Salvagnin
        Orbital Shrinking: a new tool for hybrid MIP/CP methods
      • Peter Stuckey and Guido Tack
        MiniZinc with Functions
      • Arnaud Letort, Nicolas Beldiceanu and Mats Carlsson
        A Synchronized Sweep Algorithm for the k-dimensional cumulative Constraint
      • Andreas Schutt, Thibaut Feydy and Peter Stuckey
        Explaining Time-Table-Edge-Finding Propagation for the Cumulative Resource Constraint
      • Axel Nyberg, Tapio Westerlund and Andreas Lundell
        Improved Discrete Reformulations for the Quadratic Assignment Problem
      • Brian Kell and Willem-Jan van Hoeve
        An MDD Approach to Multidimensional Bin Packing
      • Eduardo Álvarez-Miranda, Ivana Ljubic and Petra Mutzel
        The Rooted Maximum Node-Weight Connected Subgraph Problem
      • Achref El Mouelhi, Philippe Jegou, Cyril Terrioux and Bruno Zanuttini
        (***) Some New Tractable Classes of CSPs and their Relations with Backtracking Algorithms
      • Timo Berthold and Domenico Salvagnin
        Cloud branching
      • Mark Liffiton and Ammar Malik
        Enumerating Infeasibility: Finding Multiple MUSes Quickly
      • Marla Slusky and Willem-Jan Van Hoeve
        A Lagrangean Relaxation for Golomb Rulers
      • Tobias Achterberg, Ashish Sabharwal and Horst Samulowitz
        Stronger Inference Through Implied Literals From Conflicts and Knapsack Covers
      • Hermann Schichl, Arnold Neumaier, Mihaly Csaba Markot and Ferenc Domes
        Projective and asymptotic constraint propagation and relaxation methods for unbounded mixed-integer CSPs
      • Yuri Malitsky, Deepak Mehta, Barry O'Sullivan and Helmut Simonis
        (***) Tuning Parameters of Large Neighborhood Search for the Machine Reassignment Problem
      • Peter Y. Zhang, David A. Romero, J. Christopher Beck and Cristina H. Amon
        Solving Wind Farm Layout Optimization with Mixed Integer Programming and Constraint Programming
      • Stefan Heinz, Wen-Yang Ku and Chris Beck
        Recent improvements using constraint integer programming for resource allocation and scheduling problems
      • Andre Cire, Elvin Coban and John Hooker
        Mixed integer programming vs logic-based Benders decomposition for planning and scheduling
      • Udara Weerakoon and Vicki Allan
        Coalition Formation for Servicing Dynamic Motion Tasks
      • Hanyu Gu, Andreas Schutt and Peter Stuckey
        A Lagrangian Relaxation Based Forward-backward Improvement Heuristic for Maximising the Net Present Value of Resource-Constrained Projects
      • Nina Narodytska and Toby Walsh
        An Adaptive Model Restarts Heuristic
      • Ioannis Mourtos
        Tight LP-relaxations of overlapping global cardinality constraints
      • Ambros Gleixner and Stefan Weltge
        Learning and Propagating Lagrangian Variable Bounds for Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Programming
      • Roberto Amadini, Maurizio Gabbrielli and Jacopo Mauro
        (***) An Empirical Evaluation of Portfolios Approaches for solving CSPs
      • Duc-Cuong Dang, Racha El Hajj and Aziz Moukrim
        A branch-and-Cut algorithm for solving the Team Orienteering Problem
      • Gerald Gamrath
        Improving strong branching by propagation
      • Jiadong Wang and Ted Ralphs
        Computational Experience with Hypergraph-based Methods for Automatic Decomposition in Integer Programming
      • Abdelilah Sakti, Yann-Gaël Guéhéneuc and Gilles Pesant
        Constraint-Based Fitness Function for Search-Based Software Testing
      • Carlos Ansótegui and Joel Gabàs
        (***) Solving (Weighted) Partial MaxSAT with ILP
    • Additional Papers
      • Ian P. Gent, Christopher Jefferson, Steve Linton, Ian Miguel, and Peter Nightingale
        Generating Custom Propagators for Arbitrary Constraints | [pdf]
      • Thierry Moisan, Claude-Guy Quimper, and Jonathan Gaudreault
        PDS: A scalable, communication-free search strategy for massively parallel supercomputers that provides intrinsic load-balancing | [pdf]