Michael J. Carey

Department of Computer Science
Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences
University of California, Irvine


  • Database method and apparatus for interactively retrieving data members and related members from a collection of data (with P. Boyer and G. Kiernan), US5778355 (07/07/1998).
  • Handling null values in SQL queries over object-oriented data (with G. Kiernan), US5905982 (05/18/1999).
  • Method and system for limiting the cardinality of an SQL query result (with D. Kossmann), US5956706 (09/21/1999).
  • Database management system, method, and program for providing query rewrite transformations for nested set elimination in database views (with G. Kiernan), US6006214 (12/21/1999).
  • System, method, and program for object building in queries over object views (with G. Kiernan), US6122627 (09/19/2000), US6226637 (05/01/2001), US6477527 (11/05/2002).
  • System, method, and program for applying query rewrite technology to object building (with G. Kiernan), US6134540 (10/17/2000)
  • Query optimization with deferred update and autonomous sources (with G. Kiernan), US6285997 (09/04/2001), US6574639 (06/03/2003)
  • Efficient implementation of typed view hierarchies for ORDBMS (with G. Lapis, H. Pirahesh, S. Rielau, and B. Vance), US6421658 (07/16/2002)
  • Query optimization using a multi-layered object cache (with G. Kiernan), US6457020 (09/24/2002)
  • Identification of vacuous predicates in computer programs (with S. Rielau and B. Vance), US6728952 (04/27/2004).
  • Using an XML query language to publish relational data as XML (with J. Shanmugasundaram, E. Shekita, and N. Iyer), US6947945 (09/20/2005).