Michael J. Carey

Department of Computer Science
Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences
University of California, Irvine

Research Funding

  • Principal Investigator, Mining the Social Web to Monitor Public Health and HIV Risk Behaviors, NIH (UCI MCA Subaward through UCLA), 9/15-8/16.
  • Principal Investigator (with N. Venkatasubramanian), Making Big Data Active: From Petabytes to Megafolks in Milliseconds, NSF, 8/14-8/18.
  • Principal Investigator (with C. Li), ASTERIX: A Community Software Platform for Big Data Research, Analysis, and Management, NSF, 8/13-8/16.
  • Principal Investigator, Industrial Gift, Infosys, 7/15.
  • Principal Investigator, Industrial Gift, Facebook, 3/15.
  • Principal Investigator, Industrial Gift, Google, 1/15.
  • Co-Principal Investigator (with C. Li), Industrial Gift, HTC Corporation, 1/15.
  • Principal Investigator, Industrial Gift, Oracle Corporation, 3/14.
  • Principal Investigator, Industrial Gift, Google, 3/14.
  • Co-Principal Investigator (with C. Li), Industrial Gift, HTC Corporation, 6/13.
  • Principal Investigator, Industrial Gift, Google, 4/13.
  • Principal Investigator, Industrial Gift, Microsoft Corporation, 4/13.
  • Co-Principal Investigator (with S. Mehrotra, N. Venkatasubramanian, and R. Jain), UC Irvine Sensorium, NSF, 5/11-4/13.
  • Principal Investigator (with C. Li), ASTERIX: A Highly Scalable Parallel Platform for Semistructured Data Management and Analysis, NSF, 8/09-7/12.
  • Principal Investigator, ASTERIX: A Scalable Platform for XML Information Analysis, UC Discovery Program and eBay, 4/09-3/10.
  • Principal Investigator, A Declarative and Open Source Data Mapping Tool for OpenII, Google Faculty Award, 2/09.
  • Co-Investigator (with D. DeWitt, J. Naughton, and M. Solomon), SHORE – A High-Performance, Scalable, Heterogeneous Object Repository for Mach and Touchstone, DARPA, 8/91-7/94.
  • Co-Investigator (with D. Maier, D. DeWitt, and S. Zdonik), Architectures for Query Processing in Persistent Object Bases, subcontract of a DARPA contract at the Oregon Graduate Institute, 10/91-9/94.
  • Co-Investigator (with D. DeWitt and J. Naughton), Scheduling and Complex Query Processing in Highly Parallel Database Machines, IBM Corporation, 1/91-12/93.
  • Co-Investigator (with M. Vernon, C. Dyer, M. Hill, R. Meyer, and B. Miller), PRISM: A Laboratory for Research in Future High-Performance Parallel Computing, NSF, 7/91-6/96.
  • Co-Investigator (with M. Livny), Client-Server DBMS Architectures, IBM Corporation, 12/90-12/91.
  • Co-Investigator (with D. DeWitt), Porting EXODUS to Camelot and Mach, DARPA, 8/89-9/91.
  • Co-Investigator (with D. DeWitt), Extensible Database Systems, DARPA, 8/85-1/91.
  • Co-Investigator (with M. Livny), HiPAC – A High Performance Active Data Manager for Time-Constrained Knowledge Processing, subcontract of a DARPA contract at Computer Corporation of America, 5/87-4/89.
  • Principal Investigator, Presidential Young Investigator Grant, NSF, 9/87-8/92.
  • Principal Investigator, Incentives for Excellence Award, Digital Equipment Corporation, 11/86-10/89.
  • Principal Investigator, The Performance of Algorithms for Shared Relational Database Systems, NSF, 9/84-2/87.
  • Principal Investigator, IBM Faculty Development Award, IBM Corporation, 6/84-6/86.