Michael J. Carey

Department of Computer Science
Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences
University of California, Irvine

Ph.D. Theses Supervised

  • T. Kim, Enhancing Apache AsterixDB for Efficient Big Data Search and Analytics, UC Irvine, 2018.****
  • S. Jacobs, A BAD Thesis: The Vision, Creation, and Evaluation of a Big Active Data Platform, UC Riverside, 2018.*****
  • J. Jia, Supporting Interactive Analytics and Visualization on Large Data, UC Irvine, 2017.****
  • Y. Kim, Transactional and Spatial Query Processing in the Big Data Era, UC Irvine, 2016.****
  • V. Borkar, An Efficient Foundation for Big Data Processing on Modern Clusters, UC Irvine, 2016.
  • P. Pirzadeh, On the Performance Evaluation of Big Data Systems, UC Irvine, 2016.
  • Y. Bu, On Software Infrastructure for Scalable Graph Analytics, UC Irvine, 2015.
  • R. Grover, Scalable Fault-Tolerant Elastic Data Ingestion in AsterixDB, UC Irvine, 2015.
  • S. Alsubaiee, Spatial Indexing in the Era of Social Media, UC Irvine, 2014.****
  • R. Vernica, Efficient Processing of Set-Similarity Joins on Large Clusters, UC Irvine, 2011.****
  • J. Shafer, Parallelization of Data Mining Operations, UW-Madison, 1998.***
  • M. McAuliffe, Storage Management Methods for Object Database Systems, UW-Madison, 1997.**
  • M. Zaharioudakis, Highly Concurrent Cache Consistency for Object-Oriented Database Systems, UW-Madison, 1997.
  • K. Brown, Goal-Oriented Memory Allocation in Database Management Systems, UW-Madison, 1995.*
  • H. Pang, Query Processing in Firm Real-Time Database Systems, UW-Madison, March 1994.*
  • P. Bober, Towards Practical Multiversion Locking Techniques for On-Line Query Processing, UW-Madison, 1993.
  • M. Franklin, Caching and Memory Management in Client-Server Database Systems, UW-Madison, 1993.*
  • V. Srinivasan, On-Line Processing in Large-Scale Transaction Systems, UW-Madison, 1992.
  • J. Haritsa, Transaction Scheduling in Firm Real-Time Database Systems, UW-Madison, 1991.*
  • E. Shekita, High-Performance Implementation Techniques for Next-Generation Database Systems, UW-Madison, 1990.
  • R. Jauhari, Priority Scheduling in Database Management Systems, UW-Madison, 1990.*
  • J. Richardson, E: A Persistent Systems Implementation Language, UW-Madison, 1989.
  • T. Lehman, Design and Performance Evaluation of a Main Memory Relational Database System, UW-Madison, 1986.
  • H. Lu, Distributed Query Processing with Load Balancing in Local Area Networks, UW-Madison, 1985.

  • * Supervised jointly with Miron Livny.
    ** Supervised jointly with Marvin Solomon.
    *** Supervised jointly with Rakesh Agrawal.
    **** Supervised jointly with Chen Li.
    ***** Supervised jointly with Vassilis Tsotras.

M.S. Theses Supervised

  • M. Lychagin, Optimizing Repartitioning Parallel Sort in AsterixDB, UC Irvine, 2020.
  • A. Alsuliman, Optimizing External Parallel Sorting in AsterixDB, UC Irvine, 2018.
  • A. Sridhar, Active Replication in AsterixDB, UC Irvine, 2017.
  • M. Hubail, Data Replication and Fault-Tolerance in AsterixDB, UC Irvine, 2016.
  • A. Alamoudi, External Data Access and Indexing in a Scalable Big Data Management System, UC Irvine, 2014.
  • M. Cheelangi, Result Distribution in Big Data Systems, UC Irvine, 2013.
  • K. Hussain, QA Testing for a Big Data Management System: A Case Study, UC Irvine, 2013.
  • M. Honnatti, Implementation and Analysis of the GroupJoin Operator in the ASTERIX BDMS, UC Irvine, 2012.
  • C. Huang, Hyracks Console: A Visual UI for Monitoring the Hyracks Runtime Platform, UC Irvine, 2011.
  • S. Pongpaichet, Hyracks Console: Monitoring the Hyracks Partitioned-Parallel Runtime Platform, UC Irvine, 2011.
  • V. Ayyalasomayajula, HERDER: A Heterogeneous Engine for Running Data-Intensive Experiments & Reports, UC Irvine, 2011.
  • L. Shao, Comparing Shredded and Native XML Data Management Approaches in Relational DBMSs, UC Irvine, 2010.
  • L. Ling, Comparing Native XML Data Management Approaches in Relational and Native XML Databases, UC Irvine, 2010.
  • G. Li, On the Design and Evaluation of a New Order-Based Join Algorithm, UC Irvine, 2010.
  • R. Grover, XEditor: A Language-Agnostic Framework for Graphical Query Editing, UC Irvine, 2010.