My research is in computational vision, in particular how to integrate mechanisms for visual recognition and perceptual organization with 3D scene understanding. We apply these computational models to a variety of problems including forensic science and biological imaging. We have substantially on developing tools for biological image and shape analysis in order to measure morphology and spatial patterns of gene expression in neuroscience and animal development.

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Big Data Image Processing and Analysis.
Monday, October 31 – November 4, 2016.
Center for Complex Biological Systems,
University of California, Irvine.

cs 117 : project in computer vision [w09,f13,s15]
ics 162 : modeling and world building [f12,s14,f15]
cs 116 : computational photography and vision [w10,w11,w13,w14,w16]
cs 216 : image understanding [f08,f10,f11,f12,s14,w16]
cs 217 : light and geometry in vision [s10,w12,s15]
cs 295 : research topics in vision [s09,w10,w11]
cs 177 : applications of probability in computer science [s08]


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