ICS 90: New Student Seminar

Fall 2018

Checkin Link (see Recording Attendance below)

Click the Checkin link when you are told the appropriate word in class.
If you cannot check in, see Hadar (PSLH 100) or Rich (BSC3 1200)
right after class.


Rich Pattis (pattis@ics.uci.edu)
Hadar Ziv  (ziv@uci.edu)

Course Goals and Plans

The three main goals of ICS 90 are to help new students make a successful
transition to UCI, to build a sense of community in ICS, and to introduce
new undergrads to the school, some of the faculty, the majors we offer,
and the work we do.

In a typical class session, two faculty members will speak for half an hour
each, about their work and background; Rich and Hadar will then also spend
a half hour addressing more general issues about college life, the field of
computing, and strategies for success in ICS.

Student Expectations

ICS 90 is a one-unit course graded Pass/Not Pass. We have designed it
not to require work outside of the class meetings, but we do expect every
student to attend every class. If you cannot attend a class for any reason,
send an email explanation to Rich Pattis before class, as early as possible.

It's in class where the learning happens, so you should be present. Before
the first class we will send an email to all our students describing how we
will record attendance electronically.

For issues that come up between class meetings, we have set up a forum at
piazza.com. Sign yourself up and then participate by posting questions or
supplying answers. You may also have opportunities to use Piazza in class
for polls and surveys.

You may bring your phone, tablet, or laptop for attendance-taking and for
using Piazza, but do not use it for other purposes, unless asked by the speaker.
After you check in, please turn off your devices and put them away: it is
impolite to the speaker, distractive to surrounding students, and you will
absorb less of the lecture. Students overestimate their ability to multitask.
Put away all electronic devices in class.

Seating: Two Classrooms

ICS 90 meets in two rooms at the same time: BS3 1200 and PSLH 100.
You are officially enrolled in one lecture or the other, but ignore which
room you're enrolled in
and instead sit in the following room:

* If your class level is FR or SO, sit in BS3 1200
    (attending 7:00pm to 7:50pm).

* If your class level is JR or SR, you will be directed (in an
    upcoming email to sit in either BS3 1200 or PSLH 100
    (attending 7:00pm to 7:30pm).

You should NOT try to re-register for the room you will sit in!

This is your official "class level" as shown on WebReg at UCI.

We will email everyone the official name/class level/room bindings
at the beginning of the week school starts. Both rooms are filled, so
students must sit in their assigned room.

Most weeks, one faculty member will speak starting at 7:00pm and another
will speak starting at 7:00pm. All students are required to be present for
these talks. The last 20 minutes of each week's class will be devoted to
broader information about college-level work and ICS. This material
is aimed primarily at new students and is required for those whose class
level is FR or SO. We will have these discussions in BS3 1200 only.
Upper division students (JR and SR) are welcome to attend this last 20
minutes (the room is just a few minutes walk away), but they may also
choose to skip it (we expect almost all will skip it).

Recording Attendance

Bring a phone, tablet, laptop, smart device to class that allows web browsing.

During the lecture we will ask you to navigate to the ICS-90 Checkin page
and record that you are attending class by following the Checkin link at the
top of this web page. There you will see a message with instructions about
how to continue. There, you will enter a special word that we will announce
in class. On some days there might be multiple checkin words; to be counted as
present, you are expected to checkin with all words within 15 minutes of when
we announce them.

It is an Academic Integrity violation to run this App and then leave
class early, unless you have an emergency or have arranged permission
beforehand with Rich Pattis. Likewise, you cannot check in remotely, or
check in for other students. But you may allow present students to use
your device to run the Checkin App.

Preliminary Schedule of Faculty Speakers

Date Speaker Topic
10/3 6:30-7:00: Rich and Hadar
7:00-7:50: Rich and Hadar
Course Introduction and Attendance Taking Procedures (we will take attendance)
Freshman/Sophomores only, in BSC3 1200. Content: Rich's Talk and Questions
10/10 6:30-7:00: SAO
7:00-7:30: SAO
Academic Planning Workshop
Academic Planning Workshop
10/17 6:30-7:00: TBA
7:00-7:30: TBA
10/24 6:30-7:00: Nick Dutt
7:00-7:30: Alex Ihler
Personalizing healthcare through wearable IoT
10/31 6:30-7:00: TBA
7:00-7:30: TBA
11/7 6:30-7:00: Wayne Hayes
7:00-7:30: TBA
11/14 6:30-7:00: Vijay Vazirani
7:00-7:30: TBA
11/21 No Speakers/No Class
Pre-Thanksgiving Holiday
11/28 6:30-7:00: Bill Tomlinson
7:00-7:30: TBA
12/5 6:30-7:00: Rebecca Black
7:00-7:30: Josh Garcia