Gopi Meenakshisundaram (M. Gopi)
Assistant Professor,
Department of Computer Science.

430, Computer Science Building,
University of California, Irvine CA 92697-3425

(949)824 9498


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Single Strips for Fast Interactive Rendering

Pablo Diaz-Gutierrez, Anusheel Bhushan, M. Gopi, Renato Pajarola
The Visual Computer, 22(6), 372-386, June 2006.

Quadrilateral and Tetrahedral Mesh Stripification Using 2-Factor Partitioning of the Dual Graph
Pablo Diaz-Gutierrez, M. Gopi
The Visual Computer (Pacific Graphics), 2005.

Hierarchyless Simplification, Stripification and Compression of Triangulated Two-Manifolds
Pablo Diaz-Gutierrez, M. Gopi, Renato Pajarola
Computer Graphics Forum (EUROGRAPHICS), Volume 24, Number 3, 2005.
2nd Best Paper Award.

Modeling Color Properties of Tiled Displays
Aditi Majumder, M. Gopi
Computer Graphics Forum, Volume 24, Number 2, 2005.

Single-Strip Triangulation of Manifolds with Arbitrary Topology
M. Gopi, David Eppstein
Computer Graphics Forum (EUROGRAPHICS), Volume 23, Number 3, 2004.
2nd Best Paper Award.

BOOLE: A Boundary Evaluation System for Boolean Combinations of Sculptured Solids
S. Krishnan, D. Manocha, M. Gopi, T. Culver, J. Keyser
International Journal of Computational Geometry and Applications (IJCGA) Vol. 11, No. 1 (Febraury 2001) 105-144.

Surface Reconstruction based on Lower Dimensional Localized Delaunay Triangulation
M. Gopi, S. Krishnan, C. T. Silva
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Simplifying Spline Models
M. Gopi, D. Manocha 
Computational Geometry, Theory and Applications, Vol 14, Issue 1-3, pp 67-90, Nov. 1999. 

Rapid Accurate Contact Determination between Spline Models using ShellTrees
S. Krishnan, M. Gopi, M. Lin, D. Manocha, A. Pattekar
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M.Gopi, S.Manohar 
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M.Gopi, S.Manohar 
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A VLSI architecture for the computation of Uniform B-Spline curves
M.Gopi, S.Manohar 
Microprocessing and Microprogramming, EUROMICRO Journal, Nov. 1994


Single Triangle Strip and Loop on Manifolds with Boundaries
Pablo Diaz-Gutierrez, David Eppstein, M. Gopi

Efficient and Prioritized Point Subsampling for CSRBF Compression
Masaki Kitago, M. Gopi
Eurographics Symposium on Point Based Graphics, 2006

Octree-Based Progressive Geometry Coding of Point Clouds
Yan Huang, Jingliang Peng, C.-C Jay Kuo, M. Gopi
Eurographics Symposium on Point Based Graphics, 2006

Sketching Free-form Surfaces Using Network of Curves
Koel Das, Pablo Diaz-Gutierrez, M. Gopi
Eurographics Workshop on Sketch Based Interfaces and Modeling, 2005.

Constrained Strip Generation and Management for Efficient Interactive 3D Rendering
Pablo Diaz-Gutierrez, Anusheel Bhushan, M. Gopi, Renato Pajarola
Computer Graphics International Conference, 2005

Weighted Strip Generation for Accelerated Rendering
Pablo Diaz-Gutierrez, Anusheel Bhushan, M. Gopi, Renato Pajarola
ACM Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games 2005 (Poster)

Curvature Minimizing Depth Interpolation for Intuitive and Interactive Space Curve Sketching
Gautam Chaudhary, Koel Das, M. Gopi
UCI-ICS Technical Report TR# 05-07.
Computer Graphics International Conference 2005 (Poster) [2 pages].

Controllable Single-Strip Generation for Triangulated Surfaces
M. Gopi  
Pacific Graphics 2004.

Silhouette-Opaque Transparency Rendering
O. Sen, C. Chemudugunta, M. Gopi  
6th IASTED Conference on Computer Graphics and Imaging, 2003, pp 153--158.

Fast and Efficient Projection Based Approach for Surface Reconstruction
M. Gopi, S. Krishnan  
15th Brazilian Symposium on Computer Graphics and Image Processing, SIBGRAPI 2002.

On Sampling and Reconstructing Surfaces with Boundaries
M. Gopi  
Canadian Conference on Computational Geometry, 2002, Lethbridge, Canada.  

Hardware Accelerated Real Time Charcoal Rendering
Aditi Majumder, M. Gopi  
Proceedings of International Symposium on Non-Photorealistic Animation and Rendering, 2002, Annecy, France, pp 59--66. 

Immersive Teleconferencing: A New Algorithm to Generate Seamless Panoramic Video Imagery
A. Majumder, M. Gopi, B. Seales, H. Fuchs 
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The Impact of Dense Range Data on Computer Graphics
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A Unified Approach for Simplifying Polygonal and Spline Models
M. Gopi, D. Manocha 
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VLSI architecture for the computation of NURBS patches
M.Gopi, S.Manohar 
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