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All ICS general computing lab workstations are loaded and configured with a standard system environment. This section lists the environment for our Windows Computing Labs, as well as how to obtain a display of software available on our Linux/Solaris hosts.

CS 183, 189, 192, and 364 Windows Computing Labs

  • Altera
    • ModelSim
    • Quartus
  • ArgoUML
  • Dev-C++ and Glut
  • djgpp
  • Eclipse IDE
  • Firefox
  • GSview Ghostview
  • GNU Ghostscript
  • Google Chrome
  • Haskell
  • Java JDK and JRE
  • Junit
  • MinGW
  • KompoZer
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Community Edition
  • Octave (Matlab alternative)
  • Prolog (SWI-Prolog)
  • Putty
  • Python
    • IDLE (included as part of Python)
    • PyDev
    • Subclipse
  • R
    • R Commander
  • Racket
  • RStudio
  • SAS *
  • BYOB Scratch (web-based) available via internet browser at:
  • Scratch (web-based) available via internet browser at:
  • IrfanView
  • GIMP
  • Scheme
  • Steel Bank Common Lisp
  • Stata 10
  • TextPad
  • Weka
  • Wing IDE 101
  • VirtualBox

Note: Every quarter, our Windows Support staff review the available software with faculty to make additions, deletions, and other changes as they become necessary.

* Software marked are not installed on all machines. They are limited to only some machines in the CS364 Lab. Please see the *map* for details.

  • SAS (6)

Linux and Unix based Environments

The Modules application handles software in our Linux/Unix environments. To get the latest list of available software modules, type the following command at a Unix prompt:

module avail

If you are unable to use the module command, please follow these instructions:

For more details about the Linux servers and software modules, please refer to the following page:

If there are any concerns or questions regarding specific versions of a program on this list, please let us know by emailing