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The ICS Computing Labs are provided for students who are enrolled in ICS classes. Before you can begin using the computers in the labs, you must first obtain an ICS account. This section will help you with everything pertaining to the lab.

For more information on troubleshooting, please visit the ICS Support page.

MSDNAA Software

The MSDN Academic Alliance helps provide software to students at no cost. For more information, please visit the MSDNAA FAQs page. If you already have an account, you can proceed to the login page.


If you've forgotten your password, please see the Lab Assistant in CS364. You will be asked for your username and a form of picture ID.

If you need to change your password, please go here. The page is only available from on-campus. If you're off-campus, please make sure that you're first connected via the UCI VPN.

Turning in Assignments

Assignments are turned in one of two ways: masterhit dropbox or checkmate. Please consult with your syllabus on which procedures you must follow for the specific class.

Openlab Login Problems

When you login to an ICS host, if you login and get sent back to the login screen, then you are either missing system files or you are over quota. To check, login to a Windows machine and then use SecureCRT to connect to

  • If you can login, then you are probably over quota. Check your quota and remove files as necessary.
  • If you cannot login or if you can login but the prompt looks unusual, then you are probably missing important files. Please follow the instructions on how to Replace UNIX files.